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SB03-020 – Semar Medium


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Semar Magical Amulets

Easy to maintain genuinely charged magical amulets constructed from Iron and charged by Real Indonesian Empu (Shamans)

No Rituals or Mantra to Recite!

Yes, some of these do contain Khodam Spirits whilst all of them contain Magical Powers of Attraction & Influence.

Simply Carry the item on you for its magical effects!
Semar Amulets focus mainly on Attraction Power and Power of Influence.
owning a genuine Semar Amulet gives you an Enchanting & Charismatic Presence. Some do possess the ability to improve Business, Sales & Trade. Others have extra virtues to attracts luck & Prosperity but they all focus mainly on attraction and power of influence. These items increase the owner’s sex appeal.
These Items are sought after by Playboys and Playgirls for its power of influence and enchantment over the opposite sex. Shamans use these objects in Love Spell Rituals. Singles use these items to find soul mates easily. Married men often use these to influence their wives thou it can also be used by Married women.


Mystical virtues:

Power of Attraction & Enchantment over the opposite sex

Power of Influence over the opposite sex

Posses Charismatic & Charming Presence

Increase Your Social Circle & Friendship

Singles Will Find a Soul Mate Easily

Strengthen your bond with your Lover (Perfect for Married or Dating Couples)

Posses A Strong Sex Appeal (The Opposite Sex will find you Sexually Attractive)




To maintain this Magical Amulet simply anoint it once a month with Jasmine or Sandalwood Oil.


For Advanced Users:

Empower Love Spells or Lock Your Target into a Love Spell Easily (Rituals must be Conducted for this Purpose) some of these Smar allow the user to tie your target’s hair so that the khodamic energies can influence your target. You must use Love Oils/Potions and Mantra to effectively get this working.

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