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Semar Bodronoyo Attraction Talismans


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Class AA Approx 300 years old.




• A very sacred, original and ancient item
• Virtues  :

–      Attracts more affectionate people around You, Easily seduce the opposite sex.

–      Affectionate to your circle,

–      People will feel more comfortable & warmth around you,

–      Love magnet to the opposite-sex,

–      Power of attraction, Increases Sexual Attraction against the opposite sex

–      Tranquillity – state of mind, peaceful, composed,

–      Favourable by others. People will find it hard to forget you. 

This item helps one to sexually seduce the opposite sex, attracting women or men (Depends on your sex) becomes easier.

• Usage  : place it inside the house. Anoint with rose oil every Thursday night, Carry it on your self placed into a pouch. 


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