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Sengkolo Jodo

Magickal empowered talisman used for the purpose of gaining attention and attracting all those around you. This talisman is suitable for those who are single and wish to attract their ideal soul mate/partner. With the magickal power of this talisman you will find it easier to interact the opposite sex and gaining there sympathy.

The power also helps to establish harmony between husbands and wives, likewise it assists public speakers or show host to gain their audience and influence them. Beneficial towards businessmen, employees and general people.

This is a multifunction talisman it works according to the users will and visualisation making it easy to use.


1. If worn you will attract love and sympathy
2. Will attract people and people who see you will put sympathy in you
3. Can easily tame the opposite sex and can get the heart and feelings easily
4. Will increase you charm, beauty and handsome
5. For husband and wife, this will increase the harmony and increase the compassion and desire
6. Attract sympathy of the superordinates and the subordinates in the workplace
7. For businessman and trader, this will increase thesales and amounts customers
8. For public speaker or show host, this will attract large audiences

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