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Sengkelat Putih – Jinn Spirit of Mount Merapi Volcano


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Jinn Spirit of Mount Merapi Volcano


The talisman is equipped with the most spiritually potent as’ma powers and a Jinn Spirit of Mount Merapi Volcano or genie spirit which are specially tuned to assist in your commercial and business endeavours. It ensures positive business advancements in each step you take in any direction. You will see a steady and exponential rise in your occupation.

Any financial difficulty and this talisman will get you back on your feet up and running in no time. It showers your life with the divine blessings that help you in whatever you do and wherever you go.


This magnificent enchantment contains the mystical jinn spirit of mount merapi volcano or extremely powerful smokeless creature that is from the famous Mount Merapi region. This volcano is known to be home to some of the most potent entities of the spirit kingdom situated in the magnificent heart of the volcano.


This jinn or genie spirit, is many hundred years old. Its entity brings many virtues the most powerful being; he assist in all financial and monetary matters. It ensures growth in business, abundance, respect in your workplace and success everywhere you invest, whether it is a new business or a venture. Our adepts believe whenever it feels comfortable enough with your psychic and spiritual aura it manifests itself in the form of an ancient Buddhist monk.


Also containing the mighty influential powers of Aji Brojo Musti, a sacred empowerment that brings its owner honour, distinction, and reverence. This empowerment allows you to win you over your peers easily and always emerge victorious from any confrontation or dispute. It attracts wealth and riches to the owner of the talisman. The combined powers of the jinn and the enchantment bring prevailing blessings to the holder of this talisman.


Virtues of this talisman include:
• Brings good fortune from all directions
• Helps grow business and achieve rising steady profits
• Ensures that all your needs are met
• Helps in getting rid of debts
• Attracts wealth and abundance
• Brings prosperity from all corners of the world
• Ensures that you career advances in positive direction
• Makes you formidable and powerful in your workplace
• Helps you make the best decisions in investments
• Enhances business acumen
• Solves any and every complex business problems
• And many more other virtues that depend on your abilities and bonding with the spirit.


This talisman is extremely simple to use and requires a simple straight mantra to be recited in order to arouse the powers contained within.


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