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Shamans Psychic Defense Power


Shamans Psychic Defense Power of Aji Lebur Seketi Psychic Shield


Shamans Psychic Defense Power

Aji Lebur Seketi

Shamans Psychic Defense Power
       Shamans Psychic Defense Power

This is a 7 Day Remote Distance Psychic Defense Power, An Energy transfer. The user is required to meditate for 30 mins a day during the initiation.

Develop advanced Shaman Psychic Defensive Powers/Abilities

This Shamans Psychic Defense power was initiated by Jaka Tingkir, came into effect in the 15th Century. Historians have regarded this Psychic Power as the ultimate Ajian (Magical Powers). His disciples served as guardians under the reign of the King of Pajang. Over the years, this Psychic Defensive Power has been passed on to subsequent guardians who have preserved the spirituality of this secret power and refined it further with greater force.

Jaka Tingkir was famous in Central Java in the 15th century. An ardent follower of Sunan Kalijaga and Ki Ajeng Sela, he grew up with an interest in learning kanurangan ilmus “Javanese Occult & Shamanic Powers” and building up spiritual strength.

He also possessed the qualities of a powerful warrior; he has crowned the King of Pajang. He was called Sultan Hadiwijaya. The passion of learning kanurangan ilmus and spiritual development transformed him into being a person with high kesaktian (sakti = magical or Mystical powers). He could absorb cosmic powers directly and develop any forms Shamanic Powers. This unique Psychic Defensivwere transferred to his disciples subsequently.

With this Shmans Psychic Defense Power, you will able to interact with the magical worlds easily without being in harm’s way from Negative Spirits Entities, Demonic Creatures, Psychic Attacks of all kinds. The power further refines and strengthens the Aura of the user against all forms of negative effects when meddling into the occult forces.

Virtues of this Shamans Psychic Defense Power:


  • Avoids all kinds of negativity, disasters, accidents and misfortunes.
  • Increase the force of your Aura, The Psychic Shield will automatically deflect attacks back to the source.
  • Repels Evil Spirits, Demonic Entities, and Negative Jinn’s that are directed from Magician/Shamans.
  • All forms of magical attacks and spells are repelled back to the source.
  • Triumphant in every worldly dispute either Physical or Metaphysical.
  • Gain respect and honour from your social circle and superior at work.
  • Lovable, caring and liked by everyone. Motivate people easily. Your words will have a prominent effect on those you interact with.
  • Possess a Strong magical Presence that will put fear into Negative Spirits.
  • Strengthens the Auras defence system to withstand attacks and black magic.

Key Points:

  • Regarded by historians as ultimate ajian (Mystical power) .
  • Jaka Tingkir conceived this ilmu. He was called Sultan Hadiwijaya when he ruled the Kingdom of Pajang. This ilmu was transferred to his disciples who served the kingdom.
  • It originates from the 15th century, Central Java. The spiritual form of the ilmu has been preserved till date. The initiator of this ilmu is associated with the hierarchy of spiritual masters.
  • Associated with spread of Islam, Sunan Kalijaga was regarded as one of the 9 saints of Wali Songo, who later became the teacher of Jaka Tingkir.

Remote Transfer Magickal Power: Shamans Psychic Defense Power Aji Lebur Seketi

Remote Magical Power Transfer directly into your Energy Structure, this ritual is conducted for 7 nights continuously. Once the energy transfer is completed, we then empower and prepare your customised talismans and further reinforce this power with physical media such as salt and sugar/capsule. The empowerment is a guaranteed success of the transfer. A Short mantra is given to the initiate to further develop the seed power that has been transferred remotely.


This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.



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