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Siluman Dragon Genie—SOLD


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Siluman Dragon Genie


The Siluman Dragon Genie is an assisting companion spirit that ensures aid and consequential success in all endeavors of life. It covers all aspects direct and indirect like finances, love life, work, career, relationships, personal and spiritual development and protection etc. In actuality its virtues are limitless and see no end if coupled with the right kind of inner energy inside of you.

The spirit inside of this magickal talisman is a dragon genie (Appears in a form of a Dragon) . Its origin lies deep down inside the mystical sacred mountain of Bromo in Eastern Java. This is an active volcano known for extremely high metaphysical energies in conjunction with its physical energy. Due to this, it makes up for a perfect home for many other spiritual entities. It is believed that its mysticism dates back to the era of Hindu kingdoms in Java, as it still remains a part of local Hindu tradition. On the 14th day of the Yadnya Kasada festival, these spirits are offered fruit, vegetables, rice and livestock as sacrifices to keep them happy and content so as to keep the volcano from eruption. Many Javanese occultists consider it a pilgrimage and visit it regularly to meditate and give offerings to these powerful jinn spirits.

This magickal statue carries a dragon genie links its supernatural energies straight from the center of the mighty volcano. The spirit is at least a thousand years old; judging by the age of volcano. It has a physical manifestation of an ancient local Tengger person or sometimes as a Dragon Spirit. However, whether or not it chooses to have a direct physical manifestation depends on how comfortable it feels in your presence and the spiritual development of your own energies. Even in the case it doesn’t, you will still feel its powerful presence by your side at all times.

Some of the direct virtues of this magickal talisman are:
– Attracts wealth with extreme force
– Brings you prosperity and abundance
– Brings steady and fast advancements to your business and ensures success in every business endeavor
– Causes quick advancements in your career and profession; makes ascension to higher rank or post come faster and easier
– Makes other feel compassionate, loving and caring towards you
– Enhances your aura positively; makes you emit a highly magnetic and friendly aura
– Makes your presence more authoritative and influential
– Enhances your faculties and makes you appear wiser
– Greatly improves your financial situation, special assistance in clearing debts if any
– Provides an impenetrable shield to you and your loved ones against black magic attacks
– Guides, assists and protects in your spiritual and metaphysical development
– Eases down issues and resolves problems instantly
– Helps realize all your dreams, wishes and desires
– Many more other virtues that manifest in one form or another depending on your bond with the spirit.

It is a very simple to use item. It requires only a simple mantra to be recited in order to awaken the true powers of the jinn/genie spirit.

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