Singosari Protection Talisman


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Singosari Protection Talisman

This khodam / jinn spirit does not come with a name. A simple ritual is provided for summoning the presence and power of the khodam / jinn spirit.


This empowered item takes the form of a miniature dagger. This particular talisman has been fortified by our personal adepts and has been given special divine energies, select prayers and chants. Tenaga dalam kanurangan, khodamic powers have also been added, and special pusaka pamengkang jagad ilmu. The khodamic powers of this talisman date back to the era of the Singosari Kingdom which was ruled by Ken Arok. The mystical appraiser of this item deemed it to take the form of a great lion and asserts that it may be particularly beneficial for protection. Its guardian owner will be offered special protection from harm.

This item is used specifically for protection. It will shelter its guardian owner from all physical, emotional and spiritual harm or danger.

Some virtues the owner of this item may experience include the following:

– Avoidance from danger of all kinds
– Protection against physical and spiritual attacks
– Protection from evil spirits, evil genies, chants, spells and black magic
– Empowerment of the owner’s own spiritual strength


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