Spiritual Development Mystical Power Aji Sinuhunan Sapujagat


Spiritual Development Mystical Power

Spiritual Development Mystical Power Aji Sinuhunan Sapujagat


We highly recommend the user of this spiritual power undergo an Aura cleansing with us first to ensure this high-frequency spiritual energy properly integrates within the aura without difficulties.  

This is a 7-day empowerment process. Guru Level is not available for this power therefore this power cannot be transferred to others.

Spiritual Development Mystical Power Aji Sinuhunan Sapujagat
Spiritual Development Mystical Power Aji Sinuhunan Sapujagat

Spiritual Development Mystical Power Transfer of Aji Sinuhunan Sapujagat

Those who know about the Wali Songo understand why this Spiritual Development Mystical Power is highly admired by our adepts. Tributes pour in for the creator of the ilmu (Mystical/Spiritual Power), as it is spiritually powerful and versatile in nature. Originally, the Mystical Power has been developed by Kanjeng Mbah Sunan Kalijaga. Those not knowing about Sunan Kalijaga should remember that he was instrumental in spreading Islam across Java and Sumatra Island.

Sunan Bonang, his teacher, imparted in-depth knowledge about Islam and taught him kesaktian i.e. personal high-level spiritual/Mystical Powers. Once he gained a thorough understanding of Islam, his goal was to spread Islam across Java and Sumatra Island. The successful mantra was one in which he adopted the local customs of the area he visited and imparted the teachings in a traditional manner. His name, Kalijaga comes from an Arabic word that means “Holy Leader”. His achievements made him the able leader of the Wali Songo.

Along with the in-depth knowledge of Islam, he had also acquired the skills of kesaktian Mystical Power. This Mystical Power originated during 15th century, under the rule of Sultan of Demak. His personal spiritual development helped him significantly to spread the teachings of Islam to the local inhabitants.

This Spiritual Development Essentially a Mystical Power Transfer, vibrated at super high-frequency levels, its main goal is to help the user to elevate Spiritual Inner will, the ability to master all forms of Mystical & Occult Powers but more importantly the ability to connect and tune to ones higher self/Innerself. This Spiritual power elevates every aspect of the users down to their psychic sensitivity, energy structure and all the Chakras. The power also accelerates one’s development and helps to deepen one’s meditation.

It is recommended one conducts daily meditation after undergoing this Spiritual Development Mystical Power for one reason is to increase the light energies that one will attract during meditation this light energies vibration at super quantum states and takes months and sometimes years of practice to properly integrate. This Mystical power awakens inner hidden talents and abilities that will manifest in their own accord. The Ability to master psychic communication will become easier, the ability to heal others and one self will become easier. One words and thoughts will carry power and weight to manifest at an accelerated pace. The user’s aura will develop a natural defense against dark entities and energies. Communication to your Higher self will become second nature, guidance from the higher spiritual dimension will flow through the user, higher forms of intelligence/Wisdom and knowledge will easily be accessible and the list goes on. One whole person is upgraded on a whole new level. This Mystical Power requires one to meditate often, fast 2 days a week if possible to further enhance its virtues and power level. Refrain from Drugs and Alcohol as this will weaken one’s body and mind.


Key Points:

  • Raden Mas Said aka Kanjeng Mbah Sunan Kalijaga originally created the ilmu.
  • Post-leadership of the Wali Songo, he was named Sunan Kalijaga
  • Sunan Kalijaga served as a missionary. His name has been derived from an Arabic word meaning “Holy Leader”. He is an important person who spread the teachings of Islam across Java.
  • Originally, this ilmu comes from Central Java, around the area presently called Demak. It was born under the rule of the Sultan of Demak in the period of the 15th century.

Spiritual Development Mystical Power Virtues:

  • Tackle and find solutions to your problems in life by receiving Spiritual Guidance from higher spiritual beings and dimensions.
  • Angelic Assistance when needed call upon higher Spiritual beings at times of emergency
  • Deepen your Meditation, Improve the quality of your Aura
  • Radiate Spiritual White Light from your Aura, Psychics and occultist who are negative will fear you
  • Accelerate your Spiritual Development and your Raise the level of your consciousness
  • Accelerate the pace of developing your spirituality, Psychic Development and Magical Powers will become easier to absorb and retain.
  • You can become a person who can accurately foresee the future, also known as “Sidik Paningkal”. Develop High level Psychic Powers and abilities.
  • Accurately build a higher form of Psychic Sensitivity.
  • Easily acquire skills related to Remote Vision & Clairvoyance.
  • Attune your Inner self/Higher self with strong intuition naturally flowing through you whenever required.
  • Learn to absorb higher cosmic powers for healing and developing healing abilities and finding solutions to peoples health problems.
  • Possess supernatural powers, then awaken your magical Will-power, conjoin with “Sedular Papat” your Magical brother and Absorb magical & Spiritual powers without any difficulties.
  • Create an impact on others by drawing compassion and sympathy from those with whom who have shared your opinions.
  • Enhance your career and business. Improve your financial status.
  • Lead and gain authority power over others around you.
  • Become powerful by tackling all forms of Psychic and Magical Attacks. Deflect and return all forms of Black Magical Attacks back to the Sender with Greater Force!!!
  • Develop a Powerful Auric Presence that allows you to influence people easily.
  • Those who have negative intent to harm the user will experience their own attacks to backfire on them.
  • Improve and accelerate your meditation development. Increases your frequency at an accelerated pace.
  • Remove Negative forces that have possessed others.
  • Receive Assistance from Khodamic Entities, Genies (Jinns), Spiritual Beings, and Ascended Masters…..when required
  • Increases the power of your words and Mantras. Anything you say will possess stronger power to manifest.
  • Increase the power of your Inner Strength (Tenaga Dalam)
  • Direct Energies easily and effortlessly by your will power and thoughts alone.
  • Over time the user will feel always at peace and in harmony with nature, your ability to detach yourself from the world becomes easier!
  • Astral Projection will become easier to develop for those who can do this to some degree will find it even easier.
  • Elevate your social status and circle, your presence will attract positive people of higher developed persona.

Package Contents:

1. Remote Magical Transfer (Day and time scheduled 10 days after payment confirmation). This is a 7-day Empowerment process.
2. Empowered Salt (For Showering)
3. Empowered Sugar (For Consumption)
4. Customised Empowered Talisman.
The Customised Talisman is made only for the user. It cannot be passed on to anyone else. The item can be given down to kids but cannot be passed on to any other family member or friends. This talisman will increase the magical force of our transfers. You may meditate or carry this on you whenever possible.

What we require:

• A picture of your full face in High Resolution (Recent Pictures are preferable)
• Full Birth Name
• Date of Birth

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.



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