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Special 3-Level Metaphysical Cleansing

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4 Level Healing


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This special metaphysical cleansing package combines 3 very important cleansing rituals to create a powerful package which is highly recommended for everyone looking to improve their total well-being.

Everyone from experienced practitioners to non-practitioners can use this powerful 3 tiered combination to cleanse their chakras, 12 standard meridian channels, aura field and finally, the deepest cleansing of them all, the soul karma cleansing. It targets the inner cleansing, outer cleansing and finally the soul karmic cleansing.

This package is extremely beneficial to those people who wish to boost and improve aspects of their lives, which are in need of more positive energies and blessings. However it is equally valuable to those who have suffered significant trauma; physical traumas such as heavy drug use, relationship breakdowns, magical disturbances to emotional traumas, any situation which caused continuous negative thinking which eventually can lead to depression.

Level 1 – Inner body cleansing – Cleansing of Chakras and Meridian Channels

The inner cleansing focuses on cleansing the body of negative psychic energies and toxins. The negative energies or blockages tend to hinder the flows of positive energies throughout the body and it is these blockages which cause illnesses of both physical and emotional nature. The chakras which are not flowing well, will also be unblocked, each chakra has its main characteristics and each its own imbalances. It is these imbalances which make them deficient, causing blockages in the flow of positive currents.

The meridian channels which are blocked by negative psychic energies and toxins are purified to allow free flow of energies which result in better health, self-healing and circulation around the body. Similar to free flow of blood circulation, it is vitally important that the flow of energy is also flowing freely around the etheric body. The meridian channels are channels which exist in the subtle body through which qi (‘chi’) energy flows, through which nourishment and energy travels throughout the body.

All in all, this inner body cleansing will attempt to bring about the most desirable energies to flow to you. Energies which will allow you to become well grounded and in touch with your body, in good physical health and vitality, aware of your feelings without being ruled by them, sexually content, full of confidence without being dominating towards others, love will be expressed compassionately, be centred and peaceful, ability to communicate feelings or ideas with truth and clarity, increased imagination, wisdom and connection to personal development. These characteristics are not automatically implanted into you, however, the clearing of the chakras and channels will allow an increased flow of positive energies so that you can easily adapt to these divine characteristics.

Level 2 – Outer body cleansing – Aura Cleansing

This second part of the cleansing focuses more on removing negative energies, thought-forms, psychic leeches or any other negative psychic energy which may be lingering in your auric field.

When an individual has suffered from emotional and physical stress or distress, i.e. heavy drug use, relationship breakdowns, depression, anger, nervousness/anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, jealousy and resentment, it becomes apparent in their aura, and the energies affect their interactions with others despite them putting on a face to show otherwise. The negative trauma suffered will create more dark particles and holes in their aura. These ‘open’ auras allow other foreign energies and entities to easily influence them. The negative energies in the aura resonate to attract more bad luck, negative thinking and feelings and eventually more negative situations, which then hamper and stall any good luck from being absorbed.

This part of the cleansing will remove negative energies and then fill in the voids with good energies, so that your aura is in a healthier condition. Your aura will be empowered with high frequency energies to strengthen and stabilise its energy to a higher and more positive level. The positive outcome will be reflected in your life, as your thinking improves, feelings are optimistic; this will in turn affect your personal life, career, love, health and wealth as you will possess a stronger positive and magnetic presence.

Level 3 – Past Life Cleansing – Soul Karma Cleansing

The third and final part of this cleansing is referred to as ‘Ruqyiah Jiwa’ in Javanese Metaphysics or ‘Soul Cleansing’. This type of cleansing is much more advanced as it involves a much deeper cleansing of the aura and matters related to the soul.

The Soul Karma Cleansing involves removing negative karmic stains which the soul has accumulated over the years be it in past-life or past years of your current life. The soul may have learnt many lessons of which the karmic experience is no longer required by the soul, yet at times, the memories of these experiences may still cloak around the soul affecting you in a negative  manner and stalling your human evolution and spiritual development. The purpose of this healing is to remove all karmic effect that is permitted by the higher powers.

This powerful cleansing will also work on removing “karmic cords” which are developed through sexual and emotional ties with different partners, friends and family. This advanced form of healing will further enhance the user’s ability to progress in all aspects of life as the great burden has been lifted from the soul. It will lessen negative effects you experience and open up doorways to opportunities. The cleansing further improves the person’s ability to absorb psychic energies, attract luck, attract their soul mate, and become physically and emotionally more stable with uplifted thoughts. The user will experience a greater ease in their spiritual work and psychic development. 

Following this 3 Level Cleansing, you should feel more uplifted, as the new more positive energies begin to flow into your inner and outer body. Some changes will be immediate, whereas other changes will occur gradually over time of up to 60 days. It is important for you to keep a positive outlook and make a conscious effort to make improvements in your daily routine as well as maintaining and nurturing uplifting feelings and emotions.

It is important you refrain from frequenting areas where negative thought forms accumulate, i.e. clubs, bars, casinos, gravesites, slaughterhouses etc. Avoid socialising with negative people; avoid judgemental and negative attitudes, swearing, cursing and other negative emotions.



You will recognise the flow of positivity gradually accumulate into your life, as you experience the following benefits:

  • Increased feeling of wellbeing
  • Increased level of physical energy
  • Feeling positive in every outcome
  • Increased level of personal magnetism
  • increased level of psychic energy
  • Increased psychic sensitivity and the flow of inner Chi/Prana
  • Improvement on luck, prosperity and success in life
  • Improvement on psychic development
  • Better absorbent of magical and spiritual energies
  • Improvement of meditation
  • Improvement on all sectors of your life from mundane to spiritual growth
  • Acceleration in your magical and spiritual development

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