Stone of Magickal Offence

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Stone of Magickal Offence


This is a very rare and unique magickal power associated to the Javanese shamanic arts, the empowered stone has the power to cause pain in your enemies or anyone you know who has tyrannical behavior, i.e. anyone who is negative, aggressive or a trouble- maker.


All you need to do is visualise the person with their name or face in mind and use the stone is various ways to brings about the desired affects.


Rub the stone and he or she will feel pain all over their body. Bring the stone close to fire and they will feel an intense amount of heat. If you hold the stone and turn it in circular motions, the person in your mind will fall into a state of mental confusion and will feel dizzy.


The user can make up further methods of attacking the remote target in any way the user seems fit.


This is a very rare item, and therefore sought after by many practitioners, shamans and psychics. It is very easy to use and has a very short mantra to apply the power.


Misusing this item will create heavy karmic consequences for the user, the item is offered here as a curio and with the permission that it can be used for the greater good in certain situations.


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1 review for Stone of Magickal Offence

  1. s t sitaram s t sitaram

    The Stone of Magickal Offence, I am purchasing is due to
    my daughter who is suffering from pain & burning sensation
    where her mother in law has done to her.
    Her mother in law who is so cunning that she done to her
    and now my daughter for 1 year she is staying in my house.
    For this reason I am buying the above stone.

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