Sunan Kalijaga Magic Talisman


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Sunan Kalijaga Talisman

This is a very powerful Sunan Kalijaga talisman empowered and consecrated by a master of Islamic Occult Arts. Intense magickal rituals and ancient sacred prayers have also used infusing this magical talisman with the ability to protect its bearer form both psychic and physical harm. It can prevent your home and personal property from being lost to a natural disaster.

Magickal virtues of the Sunan Kalijaga Talisman:

• Improves luck and prosperity, especially in business and financial matters
• Offers Magickal Protection from Humans, Animals and Spirit entities.
• Protects your dwelling and properties from falling prey to Thieves, Robbers, Black Magick, or Psychic attacks.
• Improves your strength of will and your ability to face life’s challenges
• If carried by a women it can enhance fertility and will help to prevent miscarriages
• The power of the talisman will assist the user to collect debts and outstanding payments

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