Sungkoro Khodamic Magical Talisman


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Sungkoro Khodamic Magical Talisman

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You will have many improvements in all aspects of your life with the aid of the powers contained in this miniature statue. You will be noticed by your superiors, rapidly grow in your profession, possess a more charismatic presence, grow more desirable, and draw love and empathy of others with many other merits developing in time.

The powers controlled by the miniature statue are the Asma Surat Yusuf, the dynamism of the Surat Yusuf and the Aji Sriwedo. Both Asma Surat Yusuf and the energy of Surat Yusuf have influences initiating from the Holy Al-Quran. It was advanced in the Majapahit kingdom era in 14th century Java. The mini statue also holds the khodam Sriwedo. The khodam is made of light energy, and apparent in the form of a lady. The khodam devises from the Pajajaran kingdom period.

Virtues of this miniature statue:
– Attract compassion from others, as well as increase your own powers of compassion
– Improve your love life, attract your soul-mate, future spouse, maintain your current relationship
– Become easily liked and adored by the opposite sex
– Become positively noticed by your superiors, bosses, etc.
– Quickly find work and quickly move up the ladder
– Assistance in creating new relations with strangers
– Increase in personal spiritual and metaphysical strength
– Heightened sensitivity of your third eye
– Many more other virtues

This item is very simple to use. It does only require a simple mantra to be completed in order to harness the powers contained in the miniature statue.

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