Talismanic Pen of Mystical Powers


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Talismanic Pen of Mystical Powers

Very simple to use. Just need to carry, powers active automatically.


The Talismanic Pen of Mystical Powers is much more than just an ordinary magical talisman; it contains a powerful combination of enchantments along with a khodamic spirit which work together to ensure that all aspects of your life are improved, and all your dreams and desires are fulfilled.

A great magical item for anyone to possess, the talisman has the ability to help you accumulate great wealth, advance your career, develop great relationships with others, and even improve your own your spirituality—you’ll even receive protection from others who wish to do you harm, both from the physical and metaphysical world.

This item is a pen that has been specially empowered by our adepts with as’ma Ul Husna powers, prawibawa prayers, and the khodamic energy of tugul pengayum. The khodamic energy in the pen manifests itself in the form of light. It dates back to the 15th and 16th century. This khodamic energy served as assistance for the lords and the noble men of that period. These noble men are the people appointed by the king to run the states in the kingdom.

Along with the prayer enhancements and the khodamic spirit, the talisman also contains all natural spiritual energies, making it very simple to use. There are no rituals to be completed in order to harness the powers contained in the talisman. But you must make sure to obey the prohibitions listed below and avoid doing any of them.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– InsyaAllah you will be safe from any disaster and mishap
– InsyaAllah you will be safe from slander by evil people
– InsyaAllah you will be safe from attacks
– InsyaAllah you will be honored and respected by others
– InsyaAllah you will gain your superior’s and bosses’ trust
– InsyaAllah you will have all wishes and intentions fulfilled
– InsyaAllah you will win in every dispute / matter
– InsyaAllah you will attract wealth
– InsyaAllah you will be safe from demonic entities and negative spirits
– If a single woman uses it, InsyaAllah she will find her true soul mate and get married
– InsyaAllah you will be safe from any acts of crime, disasters, physical injuries, etc.


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