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Tasbih (Rosary) Maghrobi


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Tasbih (Rosary) Maghrobi


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Tasbih Maghrobi is a high-level spiritually empowered rosary which comes with a series of Islamic prayers which are often used by highly-educated Islamic Teachers, Ullemas, Sufis, Saints and Adepts of the Islamic Ilmu Al-Hikmah practices.

The power has been transmitted from spiritual master to disciples to assist in any life problems they may be facing. This power does not rely on genies, khodams, spirit entities or other astral forces for manifestation. This power and its sacred arrangement of prayers is a direct request from the Divine Source who authorises for manifestation from the Spiritual realms.

Tasbih Maghrobi is said once the initiate undergoes the empowerment and recites the beautifully arranged verses; the vibration of the prayers will attract Angelic presence and spiritual cosmic forces to ones presence. The prayers are a combination of Quranic verses, Sholawat, Asmaul Husna, & Izmul Adhom.

Use this Tasbih Maghrobi rosary and high-level prayers to request blessings and assistance for your life problems directly from the Divine Source. It can be used for any special request for problems you may be facing in life. This can also be used for requesting wealth and prosperity, a new job, success in one’s career, to obtain kids, pass exams, protection and many more. There are 25 virtues which one can benefit from when using this magical empowered rosary.

The magical virtues of Tasbih Maghrobi are presented below:

• Invulnerability to sharp weapons
• Increases personal magnetism for general attraction power
• Attraction power for the opposite sex for love purposes
• Increases sales in the business
• Evokes magickal energy for any purposes
• Influences power over others
• Gain peace and calmness to the mind
• Attracts luck and wealth
• Helps one to solve their debt
• Will help you find your soulmate (within 89 days)
• Binds couples to be faithful and loyalty
• Increases the spiritual intelligence
• Power punch that can cause your enemy to faint
• Self-guard against all kinds of criminal activity
• Heals magickally affected individuals
• Manifests magickal items
• Increases psychic sensitivity
• Sends thought forms to influence others
• Distant/ Remote healing
• Attacking others from distant
• Reflect the black magick power back to the sender
• Increases the concentration level from your inner planes and ability to get clues from magickal realms as well as seeing the inhabitants of the magickal realm
• Wards off the clouds and direct rain to other areas
• Increases the power of ‘Dzikir’ chanting and multiplies the power of the Tasbih itself
• Can be used for Dzikir with Asma ul Husna or other purposes


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