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Telur Dewo Magical Talisman


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Telur Dewo Magical Talisman

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This Telur Dewo Magical talismanic power empowers you to attract success, prosperity and abundance to your life. These powers provide very effective protection against evil black magic attacks, negative energies or criminal acts like robbery, etc. Always remember to undertake each task with hard work and dedication on your end for these powers to respect you and obey your commands. And then these powers will leave no stone unturned to make sure that your efforts conclude in nothing but success.

Contained inside of this enchanted egg statue is a strong metaphysical energy from the immensely powerful Mount Kawi volcano. Legend has it that the spiritual force residing in this mountain is so potent that locals and adepts often go on a pilgrimage to the mountain as a ritual. Many of these pilgrims still offer sacrifices to the spiritual entities and the cosmic energies residing inside of the mountain. The spirit if impressed in turn showers them with positive energies that enhance personal development, especially in financial and spiritual aspects of it. However, the virtues that these energies often exhibit expand more than just that.

It acts as a powerful protector for you, its master. This divine power is as old as the mountain itself, and is a pure natural energy. Therefore, it does not have any specific physical manifestation. Still, the empowering and assisting presence of this energy will be evident in your life.

Some of the virtues of this enchanted egg statue are:
– Improves financial situation and standing.
– Showers you with many of His blessings.
– Brings you prosperity and abundance.
– Attracts wealth from all directions of the world, even from the most unexpected and unforeseen of places.
– Empowers you to fulfill all your day to day needs and requirements.
– Makes you successful in each and every endeavor.
– Brings success to business and career. Advances your career rapidly and helps climb up the ladder to high ranks or posts at work.
– Protects from black magic attacks and criminal activities.
– Shields your business against black magic attacks, evil or negative activities, etc.
– Ensures that your hard work and perseverance reaps desirable fruits.
– Many more other virtues depending on your spiritual development.

This item is very simple to use and requires a very simple ritual to be performed. And then you will be able to harness the claimed powers contained within this enchanted egg statue.

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