The Khodam Combong Magical Stone (Higher Class)


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The Khodam Combong Magical Stone


This is a higher class Version!


This unique magical stone naturally inhabits a khodamic spirit. This special stone can only be found at certain power spots/ lay lines near mountainous areas of East Java, Indonesia.


A local adept is able to locate and further ritualise this magical stone to increase and enhance its natural power. The khodamic spirit is friendly and naturally uses the stone as its abode. There is no way this spirit has been anchored to the stone using magical rituals or heavy recitation.


The stone’s power is to assist the user in many aspects of their lives, i.e. business, wealth, trading, successful careers, attracting the opposite sex and developing an enchanting presence.


The khodamic spirit is not provided with a name for you to call out to. It will work automatically and does not require any rituals or chanting whatsoever.


This item is ideal for those who are not familiar with Islamic or Arabic languages and do not wish to conduct rituals or mantras of any kind. This magical stone is very easy to use; simply carry it with you wherever you go, in your purse or pocket.


The magical virtues of this item are presented below:


·         Attract wealth and prosperity

·         Stabilise business progression

·         Increase your good luck in trade and business deals or ventures

·         Attract the opposite sex easily and make them fall under your spell

·         Develop a high-level of enchanting powers

·         Influence people easily and acquire their sympathy

·         Create a long-lasting impression with the opposite sex

·         Easy to use item; no mantra or rituals to conduct


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