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The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters



The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters


The Magical Stone of  7 Spiritual Masters no longer comes in a form of a Ring. The item is only produced by the adept as a pendant. Please do not request for a ring as it cannot be done.

This item is Pre-Order Only! Waiting Time 14 Days.

Super High Class Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters

The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters is one of the most powerful magical items available, processed by groups of adept magical practitioners found in central Java. This magical stone contains many super high level magical powers that are not easily attainable by one single adept!

Powered By 7 Adepts!

The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters is especially empowered by the combined efforts of 7 highly proficient spiritual adepts. They must all work in a group to bring together the incredible combination of the magical powers in this stone. Their personal development and practice must be of  high standard and of such mastery that they can channel what they have learnt into this empowered stone.

No Need for Lengthy Rituals to Harness the Power of The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters

The powers transferred into the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters have been derived from Saints and Walis, and other high spiritual masters of Indonesia. These powers have been passed down to adepts who are now able to bring you this powerful magical stone, without the need for you to carry out strenuous fasting rituals, long recitation or daily chanting. Hence, the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters has been especially created so that the end user can automatically benefit from great powers with unbelievable ease and simplicity.

The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters has been perfected so that it is able to work instantly for the user.

The powers of the stone will begin to settle within your energy structure over a short period of time and you will feel and notice the effects of it working around you.

Possess Both Magical and Spiritual Powers with The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters

With the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters, you will possess a vast range of both magical and spiritual powers that can be used for mundane activities and for specific impact. Without the need for spending years in practice and training, the inclusion of a simple verse aims to help you attune to the powers quickly, so that you can accelerate the bonding process.

Being such a unique, powerful and simple to use, the preparation for the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters does take time and empowerment is costly. We are able to supply this to the user as a ring, or a small stone, which can then be set into a ring, by the user at a later time.

Empower Your Own Ring with the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters.

We can also take your personal rings and have them empowered with this magical powers. However, we do require you to cover the cost of shipping and insurance, and also an additional fee of £100.00 GBP for shipping your ring to the adepts for empowerment.


The Virtues of the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters

When correctly used, the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters can attain the following for its users.

• High level General Attraction powers, (more powerful than ‘Susuk’ implants and rituals
• Possess a super bright aura field that is expanded for meters away from you. Your aura will be perceived as White with a blue tinge on the end of it. People will be drawn to you easily by the magnetic power of your aura.
• Your presence will possess high enchanting powers. People will find you irresistible and will easily obey your words and suggestions. Your commands will sink into their sub-consciousness easily.
• You will possess the power of ‘Yusuf Mantis’ & ‘Rohim Pamungkas’. You will able to influence a specific person with a high level spell easily attracting that person to you and making them fall in love with you.
• Your business will increase in sales; you will easily obtain success and money from all points of the compass with ease.
• You will possess the power of ‘Jerat Suksma’ a High level wealth magnetic power often used by politicians and corporate businessmen and women of Indonesia to always gain wealth and never to fall in position of no power or money.
• You will possess the power of ‘Hizib Musa’, ‘Khodam Jibril’, ‘Asmak Jabarut’ & Magical Power of ‘Bromo Kedali’; with these you will possess multiple Magical powers all combined and unmatched in power and class. With these powers you will possess a high-level charismatic presence, you will able to control crowds & individuals and make anyone fear you and respect you with this power people will sway into your hands easily, your words and actions will be accepted and they will find it hard to forget you. Even your enemies will start to befriend you.
• You will automatically possess invulnerability powers against weapons strikes and possess the power punch.
• You will be guided by an Angelic Khodam Guardian
• Your Stamina will improve and you will able to invoke on your Tenaga Dalam equivalent to a standard of high-level practitioners.
• You will able to absorb universal cosmic power and the gates to spiritual and magical development will become second nature.
• You will be protected from Attacks, Natural Disasters, Accidents on Land, Air and Sea journeys.
• Your body will possess a super metaphysical state of energies and will possess the blessing of the divine light for your protection.
• You will possess the power of ‘Kursiy Kandiyas’, ‘Gembolo Geni’, ‘Sholawat Umar Faruq’ which associate to neutralise any Negative Spirits, Jinns, Demons, Wild Siluman type spirits from individuals and premises such as haunted homes.
• Negative Jinns and Demon Spirits will flee once you enter the area and fear your presence. You will able to easily remove stubborn demons from possessed individuals.
• You will possess the power of ‘Hijab Al-Hikmah’, a high level Protection power which deflects any sort of Black Magical Attacks, Spells and curses. The negative jinns or energies directed to you will be automatically sent back to the source, causing the black magical practitioner more harm as everything they send to you is deflected back in greater force!
• You will automatically possess a Universal authoritative presence, Wild Animals, Spirits, Demons, Jinns Ghost, Humans, Siluman Spirits, enemies, even people in high positions than yourself in society will all fear you and respect you.
• You will possess the power to guard your business premises, house and other buildings with a magical fence from Psychic Attacks, Negative Spirits and Black Magick attacks. This fence will also protect the premises from Physical robbery and disturbance.
• You will possess the ‘Crown of Husada’ which gives you the ability to heal and cleanse others from physical ailments and negative psychic energies which create health problems in patients.
• You will able to heal medical and non-medical alignments. You will also possess a magical antibiotic (an essence of healing power) that will shield your physical body from diseases.
• You will have the power to heal Black Magick directed to others, you will able to dispell all sorts of magical attacks.
• You will possess the power of ‘Panglumunan’ & ‘Siluman Khodam’ with this magical ability you will be cloaked from the enemy’s sight in times of danger or ill intention towards you.
• You will possess the power of ‘Sungai Raje’. You will able to suppress large crowds of people, and control riots if anyone opposes you, they will be instilled in heart shattering fear and perceive you as someone untouchable.
• You will possess the power of ‘Serat Kalam’ and ‘Jalbur Rejeki’ the Magnetic Power of Wealth and Money. You will easily attract wealth and money from all points of the compass. Simply just wear this magical ring and your aura will gain magnetic powers to draw in more prosperity and blessing towards you. Any business or work you take on will reach a state of success with the permission of God.
• You will possess the power to absorb your enemies Magical abilities, you will able to conduct distance punch, paralyse them with your touch.
• You will possess a secret magical power which in defence you will able to overcome your enemy no matter how physically strong he or she is. This power is only used for defensive purpose and not to go around deliberating starting fights.
• The Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters possesses the power of ‘Maghrobi’, ‘Wahyu Qutub’ & ‘Koromah Ka’bah’ all combined; with this power your enemy (even high-level magicans) will suffer if they oppose you in anyway. They will find them self always suffering and will become restless till they stop all intention or attacks towards you. Your enemies will always end up destroying themselves through any device they use against you.
• With the High Spiritual energy of the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters, you will gain calmness of the mind, soul and have emotional wellbeing. Your heart will possess a higher form of divine light; this power will guide you and assist you to enlightenment.
• You will able to tackle any life problems you are facing with great spiritual strength and guided intuition to make the right decisions. You will be guided by higher spiritual beings on any problems life throws at you.
• You will possess all the high level magical power ‘raje’; you will be able to direct the spiritual forces from the stone to anything you desire for manifestation and fulfil your desires and goals in life.
• With the simple prayer for activation of the powers of the Magical Stone of 7 Spiritual Masters, you will find an extra aid in solving all the problems in your life.



All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item.Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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