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The Mystical Power to Control & Command Spirit Entities


The Mystical Power to Control & Command Spirit Entities


The Mystical Power to Control & Command Spirit Entities

The Mystical Power To Control &Amp; Command Spirit Entities
The Mystical Power to Control & Command Spirit Entities
Magickal Power Ajian Bandung Bondowoso to control Spirit Entities of all kind!

This Mystical Power to control Spirit entities comes with 2 Genie Spirits Entities: One will be anchored to the Aura, and the second genie is provided in a custom-made Talisman, which is sometimes given as a belt.


This Mystical Power originates from the Pengging Kingdom, an ancient civilization that existed before the Mataram Kingdom arose and took power. This Mystical Power to control spirit entities has been passed down from Guru to disciples and from kingdom to kingdom within Indonesia for hundreds of years under strict occult regulations keeping the raw energy intact and pure. The Guru now responsible for transfer has been practising this Magickal Power for over 35 years and has refined its energy and transfer methods.

This Mystical Power raises the position and authority of the keeper on a metaphysical and physical level. One of its key purposes is that the owner of the power will be feared by Jinns Spirits, genies, Astral Spirits,  Ghost, Paranormal spirits, fairies and demons or any other Astral spirits forces, Its very presence will ward off all negative spirits. This magickal power also provides the keeper with authority to call forth entities at will during psychic scans or astral travel, which makes it of particular value to a shaman or psychic practitioners where they interact with the spirit world on a daily basis. It likewise is useful for those who wish to practice the Occult arts for healing and demonic possession or cleansing of homes and sites from Negative Ghosts and Paranormal spirits or demonic entities of all types.

He who owns this high-level Magickal Power is granted the ability to see and communicate with spirits more efficiently and raise psychic sensitivity. Although, as those with the gift are aware, this depends on the originating level of psychic skills. This Magickal Power also gives the keeper the commanding authority to direct spirit servants and entities from the etheric and astral dimensions. Spiritual relationships between the keeper and Jinns, fairy spirits and other entities involved in spiritual dimensions will be stronger, allowing the keeper to attract, dismiss, interact and interrogate at will.

This Mystical Power is so strong it is said it will even allow you to call up and control the spirit entities of other magicians and have the ability to control their personal guardians and Spirit entities!

For those who are undertaking the responsibility of spiritual self-development, this Magickal Power is of significant value. It can be used under any magickal system and helps the keeper to avoid pitfalls when interacting with entities from all spheres of frequency.

The power it provides is of extreme value when used for spiritual healing and removing spirits from possessed individuals, homes or business premises. This makes the Magickal Power suitable for shamanic practitioners, magicians, spiritualists and anyone wishing to develop themselves in the metaphysical field in general.

Mystical Power of Control and Command Spirit Entities Virtues

• Provides the ability to control Jinn Spirits (genie entities) and harness them to complete your commands; its powers are limitless and their work will be quick and accurate
• Grants the ability to communicate with Jinn Spirits, genies from different areas, fairy and other spiritual or paranormal entities
• Ensures the keeper will become highly respected by genie entities and spirits from the etheric and astral dimensions.
• Accords the power to control and redirect magickal negative spirits directed by negative magicians.
• Bestows the power to remove negative spirits & Ghosts from possessed individuals, homes, business premises or other personal space
• Ensures the ability to call forth spirit beings of all types with greater power and ease; Evocation, and conjuration rituals will become easier to conduct.
• Confers the power to direct Spirit entities with not only words but also intention & Will.



This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.



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