The Pendekar Amulet


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The Pendekar Amulet

This amulet contains the widely acclaimed (amongst the occultists worldwide) ajian powers named ajian Kuwala Kober. Our adepts have made this talisman such that by conducting a simple ritual you will be able to harness its unlimited powers. Normally initiation processes for namely ilmus and the likes consist of compulsory rituals and fasting periods that are extremely difficult. But our adepts have already performed the demanding rituals in their entirety and enthused this amulet with all their energies. Hence, all you need to do now is perform a simple initiation process to unleash the extremely potent powers of this amulet.

It also contains the powers of a “Gembolo Geni“, ajian a very effective and powerful that is feared by all forms of spiritual entities. Originating from the Tuban area, it contains white light khodamic powers (pure energy sources) that do not age. It’s believed to be of the ancient kingdom times and was owned and further developed by the ancient pendekar or warriors/and leaders/preachers (kiyai). During these times this power of “Gembolo Geni” was used to help the pendekar and the kiyai to free a land from any possible possession of spiritual entities.

From the lands so heavily charged with mystic and metaphysical energies, it will not be considered uncommon to find land that is dominated by undesired spiritual entities. Many times these entities are good in essence or nature and bring benefits and fortune. However it was more likely to find lands rampant with evil entities, who brought more harm and nuisance than any benefits. That is why the pendekar and the kiyai developed this particular ilmu (an effective supernatural power). This enabled them to free the land from such harmful and disturbing evil energies.

You’ll find this talismans magickal power very versatile, as it possesses the ability to be used for any outcome or purpose. It also helps manifest and realize your dreams, wishes and desires. It also focuses mainly on ridding your home or business from any negative forces, of all caliber and form. It can be anything from possessed individuals to lands which are inhabited by demonic forces.

This item is a true collection and a must have for any shaman and occult practitioner. When used as a tool and an essential companion for your spiritual awakening, it greatly improves the quality of your work and produces better results. Not even the ablest of Black Magicians will be able to penetrate this shield around you, possessing such a magickal talisman at their disposal.

Some mentionable virtues of this amulet are:

– Improves your financial situation greatly
– Attracts wealth and income
– Brings you prosperity and abundance from all corners of life
– Brings good luck and fortune
– Improves your career and business
– Disarms negative energies, demonic forces and wards off all evil spirits
– Helps to rid your home of any and all negative spirits or energies
– Improves business, attracts new customers and help make regular increasing profits
– Shields against any attacks affecting the business or livelihood in any way
– Provides personal and overall protection against all black magic attacks
– Evokes feelings of compassion and care wherever you go
– Enhances your personal appearance and presence, warmer and more comfortable for others
– Makes your presence authoritative, respectable and honorable
– Makes it easy for you to win the trust of others and influence them in your direction
– Guides, protects and assists in your spiritual and metaphysical development
– Enhances your third eye or spiritual and psychic perception
– Enhances both your physical strength and Inner power (Tenaga Dalam)
– Realizes all your dreams, wishes and aspirations
– Many more endless virtues

This item is very simple to use, requiring a simple mantra to be recited in order to awaken its true powers.

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