True Sacred Empowerment


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True Sacred Empowerment


The True Sacred Empowerment possesses high spiritual forces and magical energies to assist the user to develop a vast number of magical powers. This special Javanese empowerment takes only 5 minutes of your time to absorb its high level magical power.


Simply swallow an empowered capsule, carry out the short initiation and direct the power as instructed to manifest your desires.


The True Sacred Empowerment comprises of a whole host of magical powers, all of which can be used as and when desired.


The virtues of this empowerment are presented below:


·         Possess very Powerful Inner Strength (Tenaga Dalam/Chi Energy)

·         Ability to empower others with high invulnerability powers

·         Possess Invulnerability against Sharp Weapons, Black Magick, Psychic Attacks, Poison, Fire and other forms of Physical Attacks

·         Lock Your opponents Magical Power and weaken them by simply blowing on them.

·         Possess the deadly ‘power punch’

·         Deflect attackers who are rushing towards you with a invisible shield, they will fall unconsciousness or may even cough up blood

·         Your enemies will end up destroying themselves if they engage any attacks towards you

·         Conjure Spirit Intelligences of Talismans, Mustika Pearls, Keris, and other magical objects containing such spirits

·         Retrieve treasures from the Magical Worlds

·         Neutralise the feeling of envy and bad intention of others towards you

·         Protection from Wild Animal Attacks

·         Ability to empower water for healing

·         Remove and move Rain Clouds

·         Increase your Charismatic Presence, Attraction Power  & Good Luck

·         Increase your IQ & Mental Strength

·         Develop the 6th Sense and Psychic Sensitivity


This package also includes a secret power to manifest Wealth/Money into your life





Note: This item is a self empowerment sugar contained within a capsule. The user is required to swallow this capsule during the ‘Initiation Process’ described in the Item Instruction Papers.

  All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item. Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

  Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.


Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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