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Water Stone of the 7 Worlds



Magical Water Stone of the 7 Worlds

High-Level Empowered Magical Stone


Clear negative energy with the Water Stone of the 7 Worlds. It is a very special empowered stone compared with many other empowered stones which require the use of magical oils, flowers and other ritualistic methods that attract forces from the Spiritual planes. The power of this stone can be transferred directly into normal drinking water, which the user can then drink to be empowered themselves.

The Water Stone of the 7 Worlds is a high-level empowered stone. It draws its unique energy from the spiritual planes ad its frequency radiates at a much higher level. This results to giving its users the ability to clear negative energy. Its power is acquired through long and demanding meditation techniques and high-level prayers.

A Spiritual Adept Empowers The Water Stone of the 7 Worlds

A highly developed spiritual adept has empowered this stone deep within Mount Muria (located in central Java). The adept has worked harder to ensure the power of the stone can be easily accessed by the end user, since the power is not easily attainable without deep connection to higher cosmic forces and Spiritual beings. You can tap into the power very easily, without the need to conduct heavy fasting and long meditations of your own.

Where to Use the Water Stone of the 7 Worlds

The stone’s powers can be used for a multiple areas of your life, but the powers are mainly associated to attraction, wealth, protection and magical development. Clear negative energy and increase your psychic energy and magical powers. The power of the stone helps you strengthen all other abilities you may have acquired through other magical empowerments. It is called the stone of the 7 worlds to imply the various areas of your life the stone’s power will benefit you ranging from wealth, health, love, business, spiritual development etc.

How to Use the Water Stone of the 7 Worlds to Clear Negative Energy & More

The user is required to carry out some recitation of Islamic prayers which activate the powers of the stone. The power is transferred to the user via water; the stone is immersed in water and can be drunk by the user on a regular basis. Alternatively, it can also be used like this and given to a sick patient as healing water. This stone is easy to use and is recommended for all, amateurs and experienced professionals in the metaphysics field.

The Magical Virtues of this Stone

• Clear negative energy within the user, dispels all bad luck
• Advance in your career, job prospects and open up doors to wealth opportunities
• Possess a powerful Charismatic Presence
• Open up blocked or dormant psychic channels in the body, to aid magical development
• Gain protection when travelling on land, air and sea
• Protection from Black Magick attacks, psychic attacks and negative spirits and forces
• Prepare healing water to be given to sick, mentally sick patients suffering from mental retardation. This stone can help them regain their mental mind power to help them reach a normal mental state.
• Draw magical psychic forces and easily master psychic forces and magical abilities.
• You will develop invulnerability to weapon attacks and physical mob attacks.
• Empower others easily by preparing the magical water for them to drink
• Empower the water, and sprinkle around your home or business premises to improve the quality of the aura and attract wealth and sales to the area.
• Protect certain areas from magical attacks and natural disasters using the empowered water.
• Develop high attraction powers, attract the opposite sex easily.
• Attract and influence people easily and leave lasting positive impressions in their minds.
• Make anyone fall in love with you easily (this power should not be misused)
• Strengthen any powers you have acquired through other magical empowerments or initiations.



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