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Watu Bumi Magical Talisman—SOLD


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Watu Bumi Magical Talisman

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Having this powerful ancient talisman will make all the difference in your life. With it you can summon up ancient potent energies that help realize all your wishes and desires. These energies are also extremely effective at resolving and stabilizing all your critical issues and difficulties. Keep in mind that these powers do not work like it is portrayed in the pop culture nowadays. These energies work in synergy with your hard work, dedication and convictions to forge your path to success. And ensure that all of your efforts reap the best of results.

Residing within this watu bumi magical talisman is the powerful aura of the energies that reside in the mighty Merapi Volcano of Eastern Java. It is an ancient volcano that is extremely popular amongst both Javenese occultists and locals alike. Prominent beliefs claim this mountain to have very high level metaphysical energies. Even the adjoining area of the volcano is considered a holy pilgrimage by adepts who come here to enhance their third eye sensitivity and gain potent mystical empowerments.

Such is the power of these energies that it requires a local master to control and direct these energies properly to keep the volcano calm. And it is these energies of the volcano that have been bounded within this magickal talisman. These are very effective in bringing forth many virtues that improve and enhance each and every aspect of life especially finances and wealth.

It has been further empowered by our adepts with asmaul husna energies. Both these energies have emanated from pure sources of energy and therefore do not have a distinctive physical shape. These manifest themselves in the form of a red glow or orb. Both these are ancient energies and date back to the era before that of the ancient kingdoms.

Some of the virtues of this magickal object are:
– Aides and improves your financial situation.
– Attracts wealth even from the most unexpected of places.
– Brings to you abundance in all aspects of life.
– Brings prosperity and grandeur in your life.
– Brings you good luck and eases the path down to success.
– Ensures success in each and every effort you make.
– Helps you develop and advance your business, career in the right direction.
– Ensures steady growth and rising profits in your business.
– Helps you find your soul-partner or future spouse. Helps you maintain and prosper your current relationship.
– Helps clearing any and all debts. Also helps in collecting back the loaned money.
– Eases down critical situations and resolves all issues.
– Attracts love, praise and respect from others. Makes you humble and confident.
– Improves your physical appearance and personal presence; makes people feel at comfort around you.
– Helps you easily attract the attention of opposite gender.
– Makes your presence authoritative, formidable and praiseworthy.
– Improves people’s perception about you. Makes you more lovable and pleasant.
– Improves your personal aura, emitting a more positive, warm and magnetic aura.
– Protects from all physical harm, accidents or mishaps.
– Shields against evil black magic attacks, santet, witchcrafts, etc.
– Provides spiritual and metaphysical guidance and assistance.
– Increases the sensitivity of your third eye; further developing your psychic senses.
– Enhances your physical strength and power.
– Helps cure illnesses and diseases of all types and source.
– Helps you realize all your dreams, wishes and desires.
– And many more virtues that manifest depending on your metaphysical and spiritual development.

This talisman is very simple to use and its initiation requires a simple mantra to be recited. Just that and you will be able to harness the true powers contained within the ancient talisman.

Note: All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item.Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

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