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Wealth Genie of Mount Kawi Sacred Spring


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Wealth Genie of Mount Kawi Sacred Spring

Genie of the Kawi Mountain Spring

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The Magical Genie of Kawi Mountain spring is a special Genie which assists its owner to become wealthy and prosperous.

Mount Kawi, locally known as ‘Gunung Kawi’ is a very sacred and mystical mountain. Javanese people often refer to this mountain as the mountain of wealth and prosperity. There are spiritual forces which surround this mountain in abundance; the Genie of Kawi Mountain can bless its owner with money, success, fame, power, authoritative presence and spiritual abilities. Many Javanese people have sworn this to be true, as when they have visited the mountain and prayed for blessings and wealth, they have mysteriously become successful and rich.

Kawi Mountain is therefore visited by many people all over Indonesia, they leave offerings such as incense, rare flowers, food and other objects and in return request for wealth and success from the powerful spiritual forces that lie in the magical realms of this sacred mountain.

This Genie is very rare and special, as it too is from the magical realms of Kawi Mountain. The Genie Spirit will aid its owner to become wealthy and famously rich, as its assists in all money aspects, business and power of authority over your competitors. It can aid in bringing prosperity to financial aspects, business problems and success in career advancement. The Genie also will look over your welfare, ensuring that you have enough of life essentials.

The Genie of Kawi Mountain skills are incredibly advanced as it is able to attract business trade, attract clients and good luck. In this time of economic crisis, it will aid the owner to successfully build newly formed businesses, as well as help rebuild established businesses which may have recently suffered during this economic climate.

Those individuals in working in government would find this item very beneficial as it will help you establish a presence of power, fame and authority amongst your colleagues.

The Genie of Kawi Mountain can also be used to aid in personal problems, as well as money or business issues you may be facing. It can assist in defending your business or work premises from black magic attacks, protecting certain individuals, influencing others and will also aid you in spiritual and metaphysical development. This makes this Genie Spirit very versatile as it possesses different skills and it is not bounded to carry out certain tasks. This makes it a very special aid to anyone who wishes to use it, as it tackles a number of different problems.

This magical Genie of Kawi Mountain is easy to use and the presence of the genie can be felt from time to time. If you are clairvoyant or possess high psychic sensitivity you may communicate and see the Genie directly. However, this item is very simply and one is not required to have such advanced abilities in order to obtain the benefits of this item. The user is required to submit prayers to the Divine Source whereby requesting that permission is given and authority is passed to the genie to carry out your commands.

It is very easy to use as there is a series of simple prayers which need to be recited. The name of your genie spirit and full instructions on how to use this item will be provided.



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