Wesi Suwer Puspo Snake Genie Spirit


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Wesi Suwer Puspo Snake Genie Spirit

This ancient magickal talisman is the answer to all your life ordeals and soon you will be able to realize all your dreams and desires. It will assist and aid you in resolving and finding solutions to every issue and difficulty in your life. It helps clear out dark clouds of negativity and benefits you in every endeavor of life. Do keep in mind that these powers do not work like the spirits depicted in the pop culture. It makes sure that your dedication, conviction and hard work doesn’t go waste whatsoever. It forges, smoothens and eases your path to success no matter what the feat is.

Within this talisman resides the mighty snake spirit of the immense Southern sea. This spirit is a prominent spirit in the areas adjoining the Southern Sea of Java. As the people familiar with history would know, even the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul occurred in this mystically charged area of Southern sea. Our adepts say that the presence of this spirit can be sensed in the Watu Ulo area of Jember, East Java. This spirit holds special virtues that are extremely effective in attracting wealth. It is said that the locals till date go to the shores of the sea at certain times of the year; offering sacrifices to impress the spirit. As it would help them attain abundant wealth and endow blessings that further help improving their financial standing.

As the master of this talisman, you’ll be able to benefit from its many other virtues that are limitless in their effect and expanse. For practitioners who want to ascertain the spirit’s age, our adepts say that this spirit is from the times before the 12th Century which makes it older than the ancient kingdom era of Java. As claimed by any occultists, this spirit manifests itself physically in the form of a snake.

Some of the virtues of this ancient talismanic object are:
– Improves and regularly assists your financial graph.
– Attracts wealth even from the most unexpected of sources.
– Brings abundance and takes care of fulfilling all your daily needs and requirements.
– Brings prosperity and grandeur in your life.
– Bring you fortune to ease the path to success.
– Ensure success in all your feats.
– Helps you develop and advance your business, career in the right direction.
– Ensures steady growth and rising profits for your business.
– Helps you find your soul-mate and future spouse. Helps you maintain and prosper your current relationship.
– Helps clearing any and all debts. Also helps in collecting loaned money.
– Eases down critical situations and resolves all issues.
– Attract love, praise and respect from others. Makes you humble  .
– Improves your physical appearance and personal presence; makes people feel at comfort around you.
– Helps you easily attract attention of the opposite sex.
– Makes your presence authoritative, formidable and praiseworthy.
– Improves people’s perception about you. Makes you more lovable and pleasant.
– Improves your personal aura, emitting a more positive, warm and magnetic aura.
– Protects from all physical harm, accidents or mishaps.
– Shields against evil black magic attacks, santet, witchcrafts, etc.
– Provides spiritual and metaphysical guidance and assistance.
– Increases the sensitivity of your third eye; further developing your psychic senses.
– Enhances your physical strength and power.
– Helps cure illnesses and diseases of all types.
– Helps you manifest all your dreams, wishes and desires.
– And many more other virtues that manifest depending on your metaphysical and spiritual development.

A very simple to use item that require nothing but a simple mantra to be recited in order to activate the powers contained inside this ancient talisman.

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