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White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity


White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity


White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity

White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity-1
White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity

Magical Power Aji Segoro Mystical Power Including a White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity As your Personal Guardian.

This very high-level White Tiger bodyguard Spirit entity Mystical power of the ancient masters dating back to the 13th century Majapahit Kingdom was used for increasing your assertive energy and authoritative presence. With this power the shaman could control spirit entities forces from the magical kingdom to do his bidding. This Rare power in Raw form is called by local shamanic practitioners as Aji Segoro, the purest form of this magical shamanic power was only given to a selected few and passed down from Guru to Disciple. Here we present its highest quality from one of our Guru. This form of initiation traces back to its origin and is not mixed with any other lower forms of mystical powers.

This Shamanic Magical Power originated from a warok who lived in the area of Ponorogo (East Java).

This warok is different from the modern warok dancers; this warok term is used for someone who was highly developed in kejawen practices (Javanese Shamanic Occult Practices) and has highly developed Magical power, and spirituality and authority in the metaphysical realms. What makes him special and essential to the kingdom is his ability to have control over demit (demonic entities) Djinns genies, and other forms of Astral/Etheric Spirits.

This rare and powerful Shamanic Magical Power originated while Java was under the control of the Majapahit Kingdom. The powerful magical energy was developed by the warok in order to have greater authority over both spiritual entities and Physical beings and leaders and people in high positions of authority.  Later, this magical power was obtained by Rangga Lawe, a warrior who served in the Majapahit Kingdom. One could say that this magical power helped Rangga Lawe become the local legend for the people of Tuban.

This is a rare Javanese Shamanic Magical Power we offer to anyone, it consists of a Magical Power Transfer into your Aura as a Direct Remote Initiation, this seed power will grow within you, however, what makes this even more unique or powerful as one would experience is the Bodyguard Tiger Spirit Entity we conjure and directly attach to your aura or an object of your choice.

Key Points of Aji Segoro Magical Power and The White Tiger Body Guard Spirit Entity :

  • Owned by a warok in the kingdom era 13th century A highly developed Shamanic Practitioner that had mastery over the Magical Kingdom and its spirit entity forces.
  • A warok is an elderly man who was highly developed Shamanic & Spiritual abilities and in kejawen practices. His speciality is having powers to control demit (demonic entities) Paranormal Spirit entities and Djinns (Genies).
  • Originate from the area of Ponorogo (East Java), during the Majapahit Kingdom. Later became owned by Ronggo Lawe who served in the Pamenang Kingdom.
  • The ilmu was developed by the warok in order to gain the assertive presence of a tiger.

White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity & Shamanic Initiation


  • Possess a Powerful Magical Presence to capture the heart and minds of those around you.
  • Influence all those you interact with your presence not only posses powerful authority but the power to charm
  • Automatically Deflect Magical Attacks, Psychic Attacks, Spells Curses and Attacks by Spirit Entities.
  • Protection from Physical Attacks, Danger, Accidents & Mishaps.
  • The User of this Shamanic Power will not able to be possessed by Negative Spirit Entities, Jinns or other Astral Creatures. They will not able to use your body as a host!
  • Negative spirits will fear you and flee once you step into close proximity.
  • Control Jinn Spirits (Genies) more easily and tame negative Spirits & Ghosts.
  • Puts fear in those who wish to attack you or plan any negative actions or intent against you.
  • Increases authoritative presence like that of the Tiger! Your very presence will capture peoples attention in awe
  • Gives one commanding power, your words will easily sink into the mind of others. Likewise, your power of commands will also control Spirit Entities.
  • Appears very friendly, charismatic, Strong Will and courageous.
  • Brings respect and honour from all those you interact with.
  • Possess powerful personal magnetism.
  • If an attacker charges towards you, he or she will see a tiger protecting you (This version is available for the Level 2 version, which comes with a personal Tiger Spirit)


Cost of Ritual Work for Transfering the Mystical Energies and conjuring a custom White Tiger Spirit Entity:

Level 1: £2500.00 (Tiger Spirit is installed into an object to carry or into your Aura the choice is yours!)

Level 2: Cost: £4,850.00. 2 Entities are installed Into your aura, 2 Large Powerful White Tiger-Spirit


What we require:

• A picture of your full face in High Resolution (Recent Pictures are preferable)
• Full Birth Name
• Date of Birth


Package Contents:

1. Remote Magical Transfer (Day and time scheduled 10 days after payment confirmation). This is a 7-day Empowerment process for Level 1.
2. Empowered Salt (For Showering)
3. Empowered Sugar (For Consumption)
4. Customised Empowered Talisman. Empowered with the same energies as given to the user remotely.
The Customised Talisman is made only for the user. It cannot be passed on to anyone else. The item can be given down to kids but cannot be passed on to any other family member or friends. This talisman will increase the magical force of our transfers. You may meditate or carry this on you whenever possible.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!

Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


Please be careful of websites copying our web products, content and product category style. These fakes’ stores are not associated to us and are using our product pictures as their own. We are not associated to any other company. We are not responsible for any funds that are paid to these bogus sites. Please also be aware our remote empowerments, content and magical items are being copied and sold by others.White Tiger Bodyguard Spirit Entity Shamanic Power Known as Aji Segoro, Confers the ability of the White Tiger Powerful Authority and Presence.


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