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Zabur Wealth Magnet Spirit


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Zabur Wealth Magnet Rejeki Spirit


If you are looking for a powerful, effective, versatile and most importantly a loyal companion spirit then rest assured for you are looking at it now. Yes! this magickal talisman is absolutely harmless to you and your family and well-wishers. It is completely safe for you to befriend as our adepts have made sure with their charms that this spirit brings nothing but positive energies to you and your loved ones.

This is the most versatile of companions you can ever seek from the spirit kingdom and causes collateral benefits from all sides. It specializes in improving and enhancing all aspects of your life that too dramatically. All these effects will be felt both directly and indirectly.

The powers of this Zabur Wealth Magnet Spirit magickal talisman originate from the spirit contained in it. This companion spirit used to be one of the many mighty spiritual entities roaming around in the Mount Kawi volcano of Eastern Java. Although it is a spirit, it possesses characteristics of the pure energy sources like the volcano it resides in. It does not manifest itself in a physical form. The spirit is believed to be as ancient as the volcano itself. That makes it at least a thousand years of age.

Some of the virtues of this magickal talisman are:
– Improves your financial status
– Attracts wealth from all corners of the world
– Brings you prosperity and abundance
– Attracts good luck and fortunes from all directions the compass could point to
– Improves your career graph
– Improves and increases your business
– Prevents any evil attacks targeted at your business or livelihood
– Provides personal and family protection against black magic attacks
– Makes people feel compassionate, loving and caring towards you
– Makes your presence and appearance more comfortable
– Acts as a strong magnet for the opposite sex, helps you find your soul-mate or best match
– Brings happiness, blessings and harmony to your existing relationships
– Enhances your personal aura, emitting a more positive, friendly and magnetic aura

– Makes your presence authoritative, respectable and honorable
– Makes it easy to win over the trust of others
– Guides, protects and assists in your spiritual and metaphysical development
– Helps in developing your third eye i.e. increased spiritual and psychic perception
– Increases your physical and mental strength
– Manifests and realizes all your dreams, wishes and desires
– Many more other virtues that depend on your spiritual bond with the spirit

A very simple to use talisman that requires only a simple process to be completed in order for you to harness the powers contained within your magickal talisman.

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Note:  Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

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