ZK-020 – Kawali Madura Magical Iron Talisman—Married


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Kawali Madura Magical Iron Talisman

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Main Characteristic:   Protection & Charisma 



Very rare magickal items, actually these are so rare they are highly sought after by Local Indonesian. The ones available in our Collection are very powerful for Magickal Defence from all sort of Black Magick!  The Keris contains a Powerful Khodamic Spirit and will overshadow the house or business premises once installed. These are exquisite pieces don’t miss out once sold its gone!



– Persona Safety 

– Keris warns the user of impending danger 

– Harmony within the Home and with friends/Family 

– Attracts Wealth 

– Improves Career Development 

– Authority Presence 

– Demands Respects from Fellow workers and associates 

– Assist in Deflecting Magickal Attacks 

– Development of Will-Power 

– Creative Ideas, Guidance 

– Improves Business/Trade 

– Attracts Positive Energies/GoodLuck!!

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