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ZK-021 – Magical Lingam Yoni Sexual Attraction Talisman—Married


Sexual Attraction Talismans used by Men or Women, this one is very old and has generated stronger energies. This Sex Talisman helps to attract and influence the opposite sex, Increases sexual stamina, improves your sexual life and overall can be used by both married men or women and singles.

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Linga Yoni Sexual Attraction Talismans

Only 1 as shown of this Type. Super Old and far more costly than others we offer!


Very rare magickal items, actually these are so rare they are highly sought after by Local Indonesian. These are exquisite pieces don’t miss out once sold its gone!

– Adaptation to environments 

– Attracts Fortune & Blessings 

– Attracts the Opposite sex 

– Popularity/Fame 

– Those who hold high position will find their staff acting in a more affectionate manner with love and respects 

– Increases Sexual Stamina & Strength

– Sexually seduce the Opposite sex easily!

– Increases one’s personal magnetism 

– Power of Influence 

– Helps to win in Disputes and Arguments 

– Deflects Magickal Attacks and Spells 

– Wards of Negative Demonic forms of Spirit beings 

– Helps to Attractive Positive vibe into ones home resulting in Blessing and Domestic harmony 

– Control the Opposite Target easily by locking in their hair to this magical talisman.


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