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Psychic Vampire & Psychic Attacks


Psychic Vampire & Psychic Attacks

What is a Psychic Vampire, and How to Protect Yourself From One

Ever go through a day and say “I just feel drained” – and you really do not know why? You did not do anything different or especially physically or mentally taxing that day and yet you feel as “if the life has been sucked out of you”. You may not be far from the truth; in fact you may have been the victim of a “Psychic Vampire”.

The actual existence of blood sucking vampires who must engorge themselves on the blood of others to sustain life, is a debate best left for other pages. But for our purposes the existence of these psychic vampires, or more accurately energy vampires whose own life-force or biological energy is so low they must feed on the bio-mechanical and yes psychic energies of others, has been well documented. In fact many occult scholars believe that the legends of sanguine consuming Vampires were inspired by actual accounts of encounters with true vampires of the psychic variety. Anyone can be such a psychic vampire, and you can find yourself in the presence of one at any time. Or worse yet because of your own psychic abilities you may be a specific target for these metaphysical predators.

There are ways to protect yourself from the draining effects of psychic vampires, and the powers of the Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones offer a mighty aid in this defense. At the heart of all forms of psychic self defense is the ability to use your own psychic energies to create a barrier, a metaphysical force field of White Light around you that wards off all magical and psychic attacks. This includes spells, possession, or attacks of psychic vampires. Depending on the discipline you follow there are specific rituals to creating such a White Light Shield or Ward, but basically the power in creating such a defense stems from your will and your ability to believe in the shield and create and strengthen it. The Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones help to do this.

Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones not only serve as powerful amplifiers for you psychic abilities and therefore help to create such shields, specific stones and pearls also allow you to call upon specific deities, elementals, and totemic animals to offer specific protection against psychic vampires and other forms of psychic attack. The abilities of Mustika to protect against the attack of psychic vampires are perhaps surpassed only by their close kin the quartz crystal. The capacity of the Mustika to erect an outer protective shield around oneself that renders any vampire attack harmless is profound. Setting up the Shield requires that you beseech the stone or pearl and its associated elemental or totemic animal to do so.

Once you have appropriately implored the aid of the Mustika you must keep it upon your person at all times, and the protective shield will remain in place constantly. Using Mustika in this way is very effective in rejuvenating and replacing your psychic energies. If you have been the victim of an extended attack the stones work particularly well. The Stones will go on to protect you against such prolonged exposure such as when you may be working next to, or even living with a psychic vampire.

Experts in the field claim that not all Psychic Vampirism is the result of deliberate attacks. In fact those that study the phenomenon point out that there are Psychic Vampires that are not even aware of their abilities or effect on those around them. Therefore you may be living with a Psychic Vampire who may be draining you and he or she may not even know it. For that person the Mustika Pearls and Bezoar Stones can also be used to raise their own psychic energy levels and curtail their need to live off the energies of others.

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