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Shamanic Cleansing Rituals – Healing Black Magic

Shamanic Cleansing Rituals – Healing Black Magic

Shamanic Cleansing Rituals Healing Black Magic

Everything on earth has an invisible electromagnetic energy field around it known as an aura. Your aura can manifest itself in various colors, each with a distinct meaning. Shamans have cultivated a deep understanding of energy. They have also honed their skills to unblock clogged energies, shift them to higher vibrations, and support individuals using a more potent life force.

Shamans in places like India and Indonesia have rituals designed for cleansing a client’s aura, removing black magic, and alleviating them from bouts of bad luck. These rituals worked on possessed people who couldn’t shake off the evil entity plaguing their existence. Shamanic Cleansing rituals & Black magic healing was also powerful enough to remove magical implants and cleanse negative energies acquired from dirty places like clubs and pubs.

For a Shaman to effect a cure on their client, they embark on a spirit journey that helps them fight evil entities, remove them from an individual’s body or determine the root cause of their client’s problems. These Shamanic healers believe their client can only be cured if they successfully purge the evil entity that has inhabited their bodies. This approach to healing is still common in places like Siberia, South America, and the Arctic.

Shamanism & extraction with Shamanic Cleansing Rituals

Many ancient cultures believed every object on earth, whether an animal or plant, contained a spirit. When these foreign spirits intrude on a person’s body, they would cause illness and need to be removed.
Extraction is an old shamanism practice that involves removing and neutralizing a foreign spirit from a victim so they can be whole again. It is intriguing to know that possession descended directly from the idea that intruding spirits could cause diseases.

However, the mere presence of an evil entity could not account for the disease in the victim. The spirit had to be strong enough to cause harm to the client to warrant extraction. Other factors, such as failing to adhere to taboos, black magic, injuries in battle, and childbirth, could lead to one being vulnerable to illnesses.

In this case, shaman healers would always step in to try and help the ailing person. If the diviner diagnosed the client and discovered an intruding entity caused their illness, they would remove it and immediately destroy it so it wouldn’t cause more harm.

Shamanic soul retrieval practices – Healing Black Magic

People who lost their souls or parts of them also turned to diviners for help. Black magic is considered one of the reasons you could lose a part of your soul. Soul retrieval practices (shamanic Cleansing Rituals) were common among the Siberians, Tlingit, Native Americans, Coast Salish, Plains Indian, Crow, and some Puget Sound tribes.

Traditional Shamans believe there are two types of souls, the free and life soul. Suppose an individual goes into a comma. In this case, the Shaman assumes that their soul is roaming freely outside their body or held captive by a malicious black magic sorcerer.

Shamans would enter a trance to diagnose the victim’s problem. If they find out the client is suffering from soul loss, they will perform a soul retrieval ritual to get it back. The Shaman’s first step is to call out the soul and wait for it to return to its body.

If the soul fails to return, the Shaman has no option but to search until he or she finds it. They would descend into the land of the dead, grab hold of the soul and return it to the body so the afflicted individual can wake up. Spirit helpers, animals, and other spirits accompany the Shamans and use their power to help them retrieve lost souls.

The shamanic concept of fire (Shamanic Cleansing Rituals)

Ancient religious concepts and myths believe that fire is an invisible life force. It consumes earthly substances in the process of combustion in a bid to leave this earthly realm. As it eats through these substances, it emits light and heat, which are crucial for human survival. In the olden days, it was not uncommon for people to worship the fire and the sun.

On the other hand, the Shamans see fire as a cleansing agent with the ability to transform. Native Australian sorcerers are not allowed to burn anything because they believe they possess lots of inner fire. Among the Hindus, divinities are described as very hot because they possess a mighty fire.

The natives from Dobu Island associate heat and fire with potent magic. Diviners keep the fire going in their bodies by eating lots of spicy foods and drinking salty water. Interestingly, the Dobu of Papua New Guinea believe that fire first came from an old woman’s genitals!

Wrapping up

Shamanic energy healing has many benefits including healing black magic. Shamans in cultures around the world have that power to connect to the spirit realm. They can perceive the energy vibrations they need to manifest their intentions.This way, they can find the spiritual root cause of the problems and restore peace to the afflicted.

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