Spiritual House Cleansing Service

Our Spiritual House Cleansing Service can remove any kind of Black Magic, Ghosts and Demonic Spirit Entities.

The Most Advance Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service on the Internet!


Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service to Remove Negative Energy, Ghost, Jinns or other Demonic Entities.


Do you feel that there is negative energy in your home? House spiritual cleansing is the solution that you've been looking for. Here in the Astral Magick shamans market, you'll not only find talismans, amulets, and other occult tools such as a love attraction spell or charm, but you'll also find a spiritual cleansing home service.

Our house is an inspired space that sings the old adage, "there is no place like home", every time we walk through the door or at least… it should be…

With over thirty years of experience, we use ancient Javanese Magical teachings and traditions to completely remove negative energy, spirits, and entities from your home. Our team consists of 36 skilled practitioners working remotely from Indonesia who are expertly trained in the arts of Javanese and Shamanic cleansing rituals.

Both old and new homes host memories, history, and an array of energies. Positive energy appears as a hopeful essence while negative energy will wreak havoc in all areas of your life. In most cases, the only successful way to remove or neutralize the effects of spirits, energies and demonic activity is with a skilled spiritual house cleansing.


Wondering How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In your Home?

Sometimes, spirits and entities can enter your home and cause negative energy that pervades into all areas of your domestic life. If you're wondering how to get rid of negative energy in your home, the good news is that here at Astral Magick, we offer a complete house spiritual cleansing service to entirely remove or neutralise the demonic activity.

Thanks to the expertise and skill of our practitioners, you can be confident that all negative energies will be banished and positive energies ushered in to free you from the chaos.


What Is House Spiritual Cleansing?


Negative energies cause harm to your psyche and may even be a physical threat to you or your loved ones, so knowing how to eradicate them is key.

Some negative energies are attached to individuals within the home, others are part of the property itself, while some may be within an object that has been brought indoors. Entities can be territorial and may view you as a threat, making peaceful co-existence impossible.

Spirits or negative energy may even be sent to you directly through a black magick ritual or curse from an enemy with the intention of inducing harm or damaging your wealth, health, or business success. With shamanic house cleansing, all negative life-altering effects will be vanquished, leaving you free to enjoy your life to the fullest.


Signs You Need a Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service

Oftentimes, the damage caused by manifestations begins as smaller symptoms that are often confused and explained away. The occasional bout of depression, a dizzy spell, or the sound you heard must have been… the wind… right?

Negative energy can measure in range from slight to severe depending on the root cause of its presence. The three classifications of energy are Thought Forms, Negative Spirits and Provoked Energy. Negative energies are harmful to the psyche and can physically be a threat.

They may be a part of your house, attached to you physically or placed within an object brought into the home. Entities who have been in the home for longer periods, become territorial essentially viewing YOU as the threat. This makes it impossible to co-exist peacefully.

Negative energy or spirits can also be sent directly to you through curses or black magick rituals by an enemy or begrudged individual. They can be the result of a breakup, divorce, jealousy, and spite.  Provoking energies to induce harm, crippling your business, health, and wealth. We often see this in parts of Asia, however, anyone in the world can access and unleash these vengeful practices.

A Shamanic House Cleansing ensures you are freed from all life-altering negative effects that are dwelling in your home. Your home is designed to shelter and protect you from outside elements and thus, the same should apply to the unseen world of metaphysical elements.


The most common signs you may experience include:

Depression and Anxiety- Overanxious, sullen and periods of feeling down. Nightmares and a constant state of fear are also common.

Emotional- Mood changes, consuming anger, short-tempered or easily provoked. Relationships may suffer.

Sensing- Feeling as if someone is watching,  lingering or following you.

Hearing- You might hear sounds or voices at random.

Seeing- The sight of a shadow, light, or entity.

Physical interaction- Moving objects, physical harm such as bruising, scratches and motion. The air may seem heavy.

Illness- Headaches, dizziness, and feeling drained. Stomach issues, nausea, and sickness.

Prosperity- Job loss, financial issues, car troubles, appliances breaking, a string of bad luck


The Benefits of a Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service


Removing negative energies, entities, and spirits with a powerful Shamanic House Cleansing will uplift the vibrations of your home. After we cleanse your home, you will begin to see the benefits as if a veil has been lifted. You can expect the symptoms previously experienced to drift away allowing you to begin truly living in your home once again.

  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Improved health and wellness
  • The air in the home becomes light and breathable
  • You will sleep peacefully
  • There will be no more sounds or sightings
  • You may gain wealth or prosperity
  • Depression and anxiety dissipate
  • Negative energy, entities, benevolent spirits, and paranormal activity will be 100% removed or neutralized.
  • Sleeping, dreams and a general feeling of being relaxed is easier to attain.
  • There will be a feeling of calmness in the house, fewer arguments and family members will over time feel more relaxed.
  • Any forms of curses or black magic will be removed


What You Will Get During Your Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service

Cleansing the aura of your home and space is not one size fits all. Spiritual house cleansings are customized for each home and the energies they hold. From small homes to large manors, we will first use extensive psychic and metaphysical scans to determine the :

  • The aggressiveness of the energy or entity
  • Type of energy
  • Source of energy
  • Aura of the home
  • The exact location of built-up energies
  • The psychic benefits of removing negative energies and entities
  • List of negative objects that have been implanted into your home
  • Crossways or gates that allow spirits to enter
  • If your house has been under magical attacks we will work for the time and effort required to lift the black magick or curses that have been placed upon your house which also may require the family to be cleansed as well.  (See our Family Aura Cleansing package)


The next step of your Spiritual house Aura cleansing Service

  • Remove all negative psychic energies from the home.
  • Remove negative spirits such as demons, Ghosts, Astral entities and Jinns
  • Cleanse the aura of your home, Removing psychic thoughtform energies.
  • Seal entryways and gates to prevent negative spirits from entering your home in the future.
  • Neutralize negative objects or cursed items or old antique objects that carry such energies.
  • Remove the psychic leeches that drain the joy, wealth, and prosperity out of your home
  • Raise the vibration of the home to openly invite blessings of all 4 elements and directions.
  • Setup a Magical Shield to prevent entry from astral/Etheric beings while deflecting magical attacks from other black magick practitioners.

With a 100% success rate of removal and neutralization, our articulated Shamanic traditions work on both large and small cleansing needs. We are here to help you and your loved ones put the hearth back into your home.


Do I Need To Know How To Get Rid Of Ghosts?

There are many signs to look out for that suggest you may need to know how to get rid of ghosts or other unwanted entities in your home. These include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Emotional upheaval such as mood swings
  • A feeling of someone watching or following you
  • Hearing voices or sounds when no one is there
  • Seeing an entity, light or shadow
  • Heaviness in the air
  • Objects moving by themselves or incurring physical harm like scratches or bruising
  • Illnesses
  • Harm to your prosperity such as an ongoing string of bad luck


Why Have A Spiritual House Cleansing?

When negative spirits, entities and energies are removed from your home through a spiritual house cleansing, you'll start to recognise many benefits. You'll feel energised and healthy, and you'll sleep more peacefully. You'll experience no more sightings or sounds and you could become wealthier. Essentially, you and your family will feel more positive and happy.

To begin, we will need a few small things from you:

  • A quality .jpg image that is under 1MB of both the front and back of your home
  • If you have a particular area of concern, take a photo of the space
  • Your name and contact information



Prices Start from  £3000,00 and upwards depending on what we need to clean, remove or the size of the property.  

Estimation is given after we have received your pictures. The above prices are just an indication.

The price includes setting up a Magical Fence around the property for deflecting magical attacks and warding off unwanted Astral & Etheric Entities. 

If your house is larger than an average 3-bedroom house, further charges will apply depending on the area we need to cleanse and work with. Popular


Basic Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service

£3000 Basic Start Price for 3 Bedroom House or 3 bedroom Apartment

  • Full Site Spiritual House Aura Cleansing - Removal of all Negative Energies.
  • Removal of Negative Entities, Ghost, Demons & Paranormal Forces
  • Removal of Black Magick, Spells, Curses or Objects Radiating Negative Energies.
  • Setup of a Magical Defensive Shield again Attacks and Metaphysical Entities.
  • Uplift the Vibration of the House Aura, Resulting in a peaceful feeling.
  • Removal of Negative Energies, Psychic Energy left from previous tenants.

Get Started

Total Project Time from start to finish is approx. 14 days. Custom Made Items will be sent by post once we have completed at least 70% of the site cleansing. A Dedicated team of 2 Practitioners will be assigned to work on this project. Popular



Advance Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service

£6000 Advance Level Price for 3 to 4 Bedroom House or 3 to 4 bedroom Apartment

  • Deeper Aura Cleansing of the House Aura down to the earth below it.
  • Closing off every single door & Portals in and outside around the house.
  • Setup of a higher Level Magical Shield Automatically Deflects Attacks Back to the Source
  • Setup of a 1 Magical Khodam & 1 Tiger Jinn Spirit Guardian Spirit Entity
  • Custom made Talismans for the house to increase its positive energies and deflective abilities.

Get Started

Total Project Time from start to finish is approx. 1 Month. Custom Made Items will be sent by post once we have completed at least 70% of the site cleansing. A Dedicated team of 4 Practitioners will be assigned to work on this project. Popular



Super Advance Spiritual House Aura Cleansing Service

£18,000 Super Advance Level Price for 3 to 5 Bedroom House or 3 to 5 bedroom Apartment

  • Advance level Scanning and Deeper Aura Cleansing of the House Aura down to the earth below it extended further out
  • Closing off every single Doorway & Portals in and outside around the house including the backgarden.
  • Setup of Multiple Layers of higher Strength Magical Shield/Fence to automatically Deflects Psychic Attacks Back to the Source
  • Setup of 4 very high level Magical Khodams of Warrior Level to Guard the Home!
  • Setup of 4 High Class Tiger Guardian Jinn Spirits To Guard the Home!
  • Setup of 1 Magical Fairy to keep the house energy in harmony with all its inhabitants
  • Custom Talismans to be places around the home further increasing deflective abilities against demonic entities trying to enter the home
  • Custom Talismans to raise the spiritual vibration of the house aura to always attract and draw in Positive energies constantly
  • Specialised custom made Paku Bumi Talismans, to be installed into the ground around the home, creating a shield against all forms of black magical attacks to enter the home. Making it impossible for anyone to penetrate from under or above the house. It also makes it impossible for Clairvoyance or astra projection practicioners to enter the home
  • Etheric Links, Curses, Psychic Energies, Spells, Astral Energies etc are all nutrilised through deeper scanning, recalibrating the aura of the house to shine strongly with very positive spiritual aura known as ZAT NUR the highest form of light energies obtained through strentious meditation. This energy will result in blessing and abundance, health and good luck for all the people living in the home. Even your dreams will be constantly positive. Medtion or Yoga will work wonders for the practicioner of this home.
  • Guardian King Jinn of the highest level will be assigned to over shadow this home from physical disturbance, break-ins/robberies and those who have negative intention against the owners home.
  • with a mixture of ZAT NUR (Light Energies) We will further enhance the Aura of the house with ancient Javanese mystical powers/energies. Ensuring no one can penetrate the auric defence no matter what magical background or skill level is being used. No technique or methods will work and the aura of the house will disable and neutralise every energy sent to it. Create a unbreakable fortress. This is a life time warranty we provide.

Get Started

The total Project Time from start to finish is approx. 3-4 Months. Custom Made Items will be sent by post once we have completed at least 70% of the site cleansing. For Larger homes with 6 Bedrooms or more the cost will be adjusted from the above. Please Enquire. A Dedicated team of 12 master level Practitioners will be assigned to work on this project.


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