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7th October 2016

Lesson 8 – Healing and Banishing

Healing talisman, alternative healing, healing ritual, remote healing transfer. Astral Magick has combined decades of practitioner experience in the occult and mystical arts to bring to you a wondrous array of spiritual empowerments. We are the largest collectors of magical talismans, amulets, charms and artifacts Healing and Banishing Psychic or spiritual healing Banishing Ritual pentagram (or pentacle)
4th October 2016

The Differences and Similarities between Celtic Shamanism and Indian Shamanism

Celtic shamanism Indian Shamanism and Indian Shamans Shamanic Healers UK Shamanism United Kingdom Shamanic Healing Powers Celtic Shamanism Indian Shamanism
4th October 2016

The Art of Shamanic Reiki and Healing

Shamanism Shamanic Reiki Healing Shamanic healing and Animal Totems Powers Shamanism & Shaman Crystal Healing Shaman Magical Items Products Magickal Powers Healing Totems Animal Totems
4th October 2016

Modern Spirituality and Psychic Well Being

Modern Spirituality and Psychic Well Being Healing Mind Body & Soul Spirituality & Meditation Healing Mind Body and Soul Psychic healing Spirituality healing