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Whether a novice practitioner or a master of the mystical arts our site sets before you many powerful Spiritual products magickal items for those seriously pursuing studies of the occult, Psychic & Spiritual Development.

Astral Magick Accelerated Psychic & Spiritual Development

Your Psychic & Spiritual development is central to our ethos and we strive to provide you with only the most potent empowerment’s which are obtained from specialist adepts who focus only on Indonesian spiritual and mystical practice.

Astral Spirits Jinns Djinns Genies Khodams & Fairy Spirits Entities

Nearly all our artefacts and spells are accompanied by Astral Spirits entities such as Jinns, Djinns, Khodams or Fairy Spirits, not only to ensure increased potency of the magick, but also to engender your spiritual development and proficiency.

Our catalogue contains many empowerments which also include charged magical talismans, amulets and charms, and, like our spells, these require dedication and practice to consistently increase their potency until you achieve the highest magnitude of power.

Please be aware that the actions performed by each artifact is specific in nature and your selection must be made accordingly. For example, amulets are worn for protection and they are generally served by a familiar spirit, such as a tiger or snake, which are considered powerful guardians. Talismans are carried to assist in achieving a goal and provide positive energy which magnifies the personal power of the keeper. This might be to attract love, wealth, increase social standing or even to improve physical prowess or athletic ability. Charms are often considered when a person is simply seeking to improve their luck and this might include anything from personal circumstances through to general good health. Both Talismans and Charms attract Khodam spirits rather than familiars and these can be diverse in their attributes. Some are angelic, while others are specialists in supporting your occult development, and many focus their powers on your daily spiritual needs.

Astral Magical Rituals Spells Talismans Amulets & Charms

For those seeking specific actions we also provide a broad selection Spiritual empowerment’s which include spells and rituals. These often require self-initiation rites some of which might take only a few hours to perform and others which require intermittent participation over several days. Spiritual Empowerments provide individual energies which envelop a multitude of circumstances; for example, you might require removal of a demonic possession not only of the individual but also of the home or business. Alternatively, you may wish to improve romantic connections either on a broad social scale or in respect of a particular individual. Spells are also available to assist with aura cleansing or simply to strengthen your existing occult power. And, outside of physical healing, we also provide empowerment which can aide with spiritual healing and cleansing.

No matter what your concern our current catalogue is likely to fulfill your requirements, however, we also provide a service for those needing customised magical spells and which can often have an increased and more direct degree of potency.

Astral Magick derives much of its ideology Islamic Occult & Islamic Spiritual Practices (Ilmu Al-Hikmah) & Javanese mysticism based on the Kejawen following. Even today, many people, particularly those in Indonesia, still practice Kejawen as a metaphysical meditation on a daily basis, striving to connect with their inner self and the spiritual forces.

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