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Mani Zone is continually dedicated to increase customer satisfaction and meet it. It is therefore, we would like to welcome your opinions good and bad. We intend to address both types of issues with equal attention and will work to a stable and satisfying conclusion for all parties involved.

Any bad comments or misunderstandings will be addressed and resolved to the best of our ability. Any good comment, we would like to share with our existing and new customers.

Please see below, some of the excellent comments we have received from our customers regarding our products and services. These testimonials are from all our sites, Astral Magick, Ancient Keris, Mustika Pearls & Mani Zone. The shop where the testimonial originated from will be specified next to their name. When applicable, the product name will be specified too.
Please email us to submit your testimonial.

Please do not forget to leave your name and location after your comment. We will review the comments to ensure they are not obscene or offending to the general public in any way and then submit your comments to be posted as soon as possible. We do not mind withholding your name and location, if you wish for us to do so, simply let us know when submitting your testimonial.

I wanted to take the time to write and say thank you. Thank you for all the help ypu have provided me over the years and continue to provide. Everything i have purchased from you has been amazing and is as a blessing from God. Thank you for all you do! I will soon purchase the remote empowerment i almost have enough saved to get the ones i want.
Thank you. A very satisfied customer and a friend always,

Chris Thomas from USA

Batara Karang Spirit & various Magical Items from both sites before.

Hi I have successfully done the ritual shower yesterday night. I felt there were a lot of things coming out from me. And also I saw a bright white light comes out with in me. Thanks. It’s something strange I really felt empty and clean.
I was so happy and I laughed myself and thanking God. It’s the joyful feeling within me.
I’m so happy I keep on reciting the dzikir u gave. Thanks

Alaudeen Sayedu from Singapore.

Light Purification Shower Ritual (Higher Class) & House Selling Talisman.

First I have to thank you too much for your consideration , patience and support me to get rid and heal from my spiritual issue. Really , you are #1 and the best in whole over the world in spiritual matters more than Egyptians adepts/ shamans Who failed to resolve my issue.

Yasser from Egypt. (Second name is ommited for confidentiality)

Requested a Spiritual Cleansing, was suffering from magical attacks and was possessed by a negative enetity). A Cleansing, Healing was conducted, further more we setup a defensive aura and a Khodam Spirit entity as his body guard.

Hello Zahir!
I’ve received my order today due to a delay yesterday. I couldn’t have picked a more powerful combination of items! Within seconds after unwrapping them I could feel a significant energy rush, mainly in the forehead. WOW!!
I was wondering if you had any additional instructions or a pdf file for either or both items (Balak Sengkala Talisman, item# AM0301, Dewa Daru Power of 7 Spiritual Masters, # AM0177).
Thank you and your adepts for creating such powerful talismans!

Rob L.

Dewa Daru Power of the 7 Spiritual Masters and Balak Sengkala Talisman.

Good Afternoon  Mr Karbani –
how are you – I have been trying to send you an email but it did not
go through…
I have been using the products I bought on your website. And I must say that they have been working very well.
I have had my doubts,  and please forgive me If you thought I have caused offense in anyway.
I can be quite the sceptical fool sometimes and lot of the times very impatient.
Anyways thank you for your help , it is very much appreciated .
If I had to add a testimonial to your site I would have to say that the Magick Hadagan oil and the Love Celak powder have worked wonders for  me attracting freinds.People are  alot different towards me.
People that I don’t normally get along with are much nicer around me and a lot more affectionate. It is absolutely astonishing.
Thank again for your help your website is absolutely excellent
I shall be looking out for more items to collect in the near future.
Warmest Regards
Peace & God bless
Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel

Various Magical Items, Oils and Empowerments.

I have never had own any mustika/bezoar pearls  before, but since i bougth pearls from you last october, i have noticed that my spiritual power has been doubled by using it. One of my enemy (a sorcerer from India) for the past 5 years died 3 days ago after i penetrated his barier thru combate spiritual  by the help of mustika and bezoar pearl. I have already cleaned myself from alot of psychic toxins made by my spirtitual enemies by using those pearls. I have a gastric acid for 7 years which has now cured by drinking the water from snake bezoar. The bee pearl is also effective for sexual attraction i have noticed. I have encountered a giant entity when the first night with banana pearl, which maybe the caretaker of the pearl. Mustika and Bezoar pearls still work even without using a mantra, they are still very effective naturally. All information that written on your website are true unlike the other site which more on commercial purpose.

C.G Europe (Customer has requested confidentiality)

Various Magical Pearls and Magical Items from both sites &

Blessings Zahir,
Lovely to hear/read from you! I am getting on great with the pearls; I seem to have 1 that covers each chakra, so they made their way to me as they were meant too.
They are like a little family, and I treat them with much respect and love, which I feel is being projected back at me 100fold.
I use the dragon pearl to astral travel, I have become very attached to her. As for the Linga Yoni pearl, well, she is amazing..out of this world!
The others are just as wonderful, and I love them dearly.
I have no words to describe how much my life has changed for the better since buying these pearls. I live totally in the ‘now’; nothing bothers me, I know and trust that all is as it should be.
I seem to manifest instantly whatever I want, miracles are happening every day. I am at peace with myself and the world around me.
I follow my intuition and meditate and bathe daily with whichever pearl I feel drawn too. I love my pearls and have great respect for the elementals who are helping/guiding me.
I am living in another dimension, and enjoying every minute of it.
lots of love, light and blessings~
JoSiE xooxox

Josephine Hunter, U.K

Dragon Pearls, Lingga Yoni, Various Smaller Pearls
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