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The Art of Shamanic Reiki and Healing


The Art of Shamanic Reiki and Healing

Shamanism has existed since humans first walked the Earth. It is a practice that is deeply rooted in pagan beliefs and traditions of the Earth and the Earth Mother. Shamanism has been practiced all over the world throughout the centuries from Asia to Europe to Africa and the Middle East. Specific practices vary from region to region, but the basic premise of Celtic shamanism, Indian shamanism, Buddhist shamanism and even Tibetan shamanism are have their roots in the uses of herbs from the Earth to heal and contact with the spirits to guide and protect.

Shamanic reiki and shamanic healing are a natural evolution of shamanism both modern and ancient. Shamanic reiki often uses the patient’s chakras as a guide to discovering where their energy is blocked and needs the most attention. In this way they may help the individual heal the areas of the body that are experiencing problems that may not be obvious from the described symptoms. Depending on which school of thought one follows there are seven or eight chakras in the human body. Shamanic healing practice sites seven (and even six in some texts) while Tantric systems site eight chakras in the body. In either case all start at the base of the spine, or the tailbone area, and work their way up to the crown chakra, which is at the top of the head (or middle of the forehead). If any of these are blocked the body often experiences discomfort or pain. Shamanic reiki works so well because these healers combine the principals of the chakra’s, crystals and stones along with herbal medicine and shamanic healing.

More frequently, shamanic reiki and shamanic healers have been using crystals to aid them in channeling energy during the healing process. Shamanic reiki healing crystals such as quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and Sodalite are charged by the shamanic healer with shamanic reiki energy and then laid upon the recipient of the session or held in their hand during the healing session. Often, double terminated crystals are used as well. These crystals are said to provide an abundance of energy and increase the flow of the chakras for increased spiritual and metal balance. Double terminated crystals are simply crystals that have “points” or terminations at both ends, which allows for release of the crystals shamanic healing properties two-fold. There are also specific chakra crystals that correspond with each chakra in the body, they are used by shamanic reiki healers to align and balance the chakra energies. There are many combinations of crystals that are considered “chakra crystals. Many shamanic reiki practitioners choose the chakra stone or crystal by its color, for instance, in a seven chakra system the tailbone would require a black, brown or red stone, the genital area a red or orange stone, the navel would take a yellow stone, the heart a pink or green stone, the throat a blue colored stone, the eyebrow a purple stone and, lastly, the crown or top of head a clear, colorless or “white” stone such as quartz crystal. This second method allows for more flexibility when choosing which stones to aid in clearing the chakras and opening the flow of energy.

Mustika pearls or crystals can and are used in the same way that crystals are in shamanic healing. Their various hues and elements may be matched up with the elements represented by each chakra. For instance, the tailbone or root chakra’s element is the Earth so an excellent Mustika pearl for this chakra would be an Earth Dragon pearl or one of the many plant pearls, since they come from the Earth. The second chakra is associated with water, thus Water Mustika pearls or those from sea creatures such as fish would be perfect choices for cleansing and healing this area. The navel chakra is represented by fire, thus a Fire Dragon pearl would work very well. The heart chakra is adjoined with air, Air Dragon pearls are not only beautiful, but they represent this chakra precisely. Many practitioners of shamanic reiki and shamanic healing swear by these gifts of nature.

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