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The Crocodile Totem

The Crocodile Totem

The Crocodile is the primal mother and the keeper and protector of knowledge. They have great wisdom from having survived two-hundred million years on the Earth. They can live to be seventy to one-hundred years old. This totem symbolizes the opportunity for knowledge and wisdom. They were venerated as Gods by the ancient Egyptians. They also represent birth and re-birth. Being creatures of the land and water they have many characteristics of those things that are able to survive in both elements. Crocodile’s brains are about the size of a walnut, yet they are very intelligent and have keen senses. They are not social-able creatures and it is wise to avoid them if you happen to encounter them in the wild. They have been known to attack boats and will attack humans who get too close to their territory.

The large powerful jaws of a Crocodile are capable of applying enormous pressure when attacking their prey, which usually varies from fish to small mammals, however they have been known to attack animals much larger such as water buffalo. Their teeth are razor sharp and they will bite just about anything in their paths if they are unsure of what it is. They have good eyesight and three eyelids, one of which is transparent for seeing underwater. They also have excellent hearing and sense of smell.

Female Crocs will protect her young to the death. When she hears them crying from their nest she will carry them to safety in her mouth. Mother Crocs protect and feed their offspring and she is a force to be reckoned with.
The Crocodile is a fierce and powerful animal. They signify leadership, intelligence, endurance and ancient magic. They are a spiritual and medicine Totem providing insight and internal power to those who seek their spirit council.

The Intelligent Crocodile Totem possesses the following virtues:
Powers of attraction to the opposite sex, learning, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, strength, endurance through difficulty, opportunity, and intuition.

Crocodile Animal Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Crocodile Pearls are characteristic of its host animal; they possess all the powerful characteristics that may be seen in the Crocodile itself; the knowledge and strength of this animal is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Crocodile animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of the Crocodile to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic.

Crocodile pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Crocodile virtues into their lives and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by the powerful Crocodile. The owner of a Crocodile pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to this fierce creature.

The Crocodile animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems. Strength in knowledge, Shamanistic energy, the ability to endure and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical pearl and the Crocodile totem.

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