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The Fascinating Art of White Magic and Magic Spells


The Fascinating Art of White Magic and Magic Spells

Those who practice the religion of witchcraft, also known as Wicca, are often misunderstood. Many who are uneducated about this tradition believe that they practice black magic, however this is not the case at all. White magic and spell casting, however, are quite acceptable and largely practiced by most Wicca’s. White magic is an everyday part of their lives and traditions. The term white magic simply refers to the idea that the magic spells associated with it are meant to improve the life of the person casting the spell or those the magic spell is cast for. It is a relatively new term that started in the late nineteenth century as all witches were considered to practice black magic until much later in history when it became generally recognized that not all those who call themselves witches can be considered malevolent. In fact, the opposite is true and most true Wicca’s do not engage in any form of black or dark magic. Most white magic is learned over a period of time and involves a strong foundation in pagan worship and study of the power of the Earth and nature. The moon, sun and seasons play a major role in when and where spells are cast and how they are employed. The use of herbs, candles, crystals, oils, stones, wands and other elements may or may not be involved with magic and magic spell casting in this regard.

Magic spells are simply recipes for having the casters will come to fruition. While many believe that this requires a great amount of educated skill and practice other schools of thought believe that there are those who are natural witches and need only to tap into their reserves of ability to be able to cast magic spells. White magic is highly preferable over black magic for many reasons. White magic brings positive forces into action and brings good experiences back to the one casting the magic spell. On the other hand, seeking to hurt others for revenge, personal gain or pure malevolence will also bring these energies back to the caster of the magic spell. Some people refer to this as Karma, but Wicca’s call it the Law of Threefold Return.

There is much controversy and debate as to whether white magic and magic spells are something tangible and real or if it is something conjured up by primitive people to explain odd events in nature and life. Whether magic is real and something that can be learned like riding a bike or playing an instrument is entirely up to the individual’s beliefs and thoughts.

There are many valuable resources on the internet and in the library and book stores on the subject of white magic, magic spells and the Wicca religion. It is entertaining reading and the history of the topic alone is enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor to research and read about. In any case magic, magic spells and the possibilities it unfolds to the imagination are very enticing, even to skeptics. Some people are of the opinion that believing in magic is no different than believing in any other thing that cannot be seen or proved. Multitudes of people believe in the power of talisman and protective items. They wear them in the form of jewelry like the Italian horn, Greek evil eye charms, crosses, religious metals and the like. It could be argued that those who wear or carry these items believe in the magic or protection they provide, in this regard they are not so different from believing in any other kind of magic or divination.

While many people prefer their magic in the form of talisman or good luck charms, still others rely on crystals, rocks, stones and gems to bring them good luck and good fortune. This in itself is a form of belief in magic as it puts belief in something unknown. Many people have found Mustika pearls or stones to be helpful as use for talisman or to bring magical elements into their lives. These items are very interesting and are said to have many virtues and properties that people find helpful and beneficial. They are similar to crystals and other items considered magical and mystical. Again, whether these types of items hold any magical power that can enhance your life and improve it, is for you and you alone to decide.

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