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The Millipede Totem

The Millipede Totem

The Millipede is a fast moving creature with many legs, its bite is poisonous and it is because of this that the Millipede is the symbol of Chiefs. They come in various colors and sizes, but usually do not grow larger than twelve inches. These larger types are known as Giant Millipede’s. The average Millipede is usually only several inches long. They do not like to be handled and will often bite if irritated. They are often kept as pets by many for their interesting coloring and reputation for bringing good luck.

The Millipede is the totem of Chiefs because of its poisonous bite and rapid movements. There is a legend about the Millipede that tells that its painful bite and quick movements frightens even the grand and magnificent Dragon. Indeed Millipede’s frighten many because of their rapid movement and many legged body. It is a wonder that something so small can humble even the largest and most threatening of creatures and people.

The Millipede possesses several virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine. One who has the power of the Millipede will see enhanced fortune and an improved social life. Many accomplished gamblers are fond of carrying them as they are small and can be stowed in a pocket or purse. They are said to bring increased winnings to gamblers and ward off bad luck or black magic.

The Lucky Millipede Totem possesses the following virtues:
Gamblers Luck, general good luck, speed, energy, quiet ferocity, healing, improved social life, reduction in negative energy.

Millipede Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Their Pearls are characteristic of its host animal; they possess all the characteristics that may be seen in the Millipede itself; the stealth and force of this small creature is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual.

The owner of a Millipede pearl will see their spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with the virtues attributed to the Millipede.

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