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The Process Of Spiritual Healing Explained: Emotional And Spiritual Healing

The process of spiritual healing is an entirely natural one that centres around establishing the beneficial energy flow between the recipient and the spiritual healer. The principle of soul healing is to wake up the natural resources of the body so that they work more effectively to restore harmony, well-being, and balance. Spiritual healing practices are “holistic”, meaning that, rather than addressing each symptom separately, emotional, mental, and physical symptoms are treated together as interlinked conditions that cause the issues that affect the soul, mind, and body of the person. 

What Does Emotional And Spiritual Healing Involve?

The term “spiritual healing” is used to refer to several different alternative practices that relate to the restoration of the wholeness of spirit, mind, and body, by calling on forces or energies beyond our human condition. Although there are variations in the processes used in different traditions, every form of emotional and spiritual healing centres around connecting with a supernatural resource that can bring about healing. 

A spiritual healer may be connected with New Age traditions or an ethnic-based faith, or they may be from a more mainstream faith tradition. Many practitioners of soul healing believe that it’s possible to connect with the universe’s natural energy and to channel it in order to treat spiritual, emotional, and physical ailments.

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Is Spiritual Healing A Complementary Healing Activity?

In many cases, spiritual healing is a complementary healing activity that is used in conjunction with herbal remedies and Western medicines to address conditions. 

Are There Different Types Of Emotional And Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healers take various approaches to emotional and spiritual healing. While some practitioners only focus on balancing the body’s non-physical or etheric energy field, Shamanic healers base their practice around spiritual initiation to cure soul loss and restore the spirit and some other healers will work to unify the spirit, mind, heart, and body. 

Essentially, there are five areas of spiritual healing: 

  • Physical (healing the body)
  • Emotional (healing the heart)
  • Mental (healing the mind)
  • Spiritual (healing the soul)
  • Holistic (healing all of the above)

How To Decide Which Kind Of Spiritual Healing You Need

You can determine which type of spiritual healing you need by asking yourself two questions:

  • What are your primary struggles in your life at the moment?
  • Is there more than one significant issue?

Your answers to these two questions will help you work out which modality of spiritual healing you need. If you’re suffering from multiple issues, a holistic spiritual healer will be most helpful for you. If you’re only struggling with a single issue, a spiritual healer specialising in that area of healing is best. For example, if you’re experiencing grief, a healer specialising in emotional spiritual healing is what you need. 

Which Practices Are Encompassed By Spiritual Healing?

There are several practices that come under the umbrella of spiritual healing. They include:

  • Chakra healing
  • Herbal remedies
  • Crystal therapies
  • Reiki
  • Breathwork
  • Chinese medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy 

Another practice is soul healing. In fact, this is somewhat of a misnomer, since the soul isn’t actually damaged in any way, rather that the person who is struggling has lost their connection with their soul.

How Can I Reconnect With My Soul?

Soul healing can take place in several different ways. Some of the practices that you can try to reconnect with your soul include: 

  • Self care and self love practices
  • Shadow work
  • Inner child work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Introspection and solitude 
  • Ecotherapy (spending more time in the natural environment)
  • Connecting with spirit guides and spirit animals 

Can I Heal My Spirit Myself At Home?

Although visiting a spiritual healer is a great way to heal your spirit, it’s possible to carry out some spiritual healing practices yourself at home. You can try the following:

Spending Time In The Natural Environment 

Nature is a powerful healer. It has been shown that spending time outdoors in the natural environment lowers stress and regulates the nervous system so that it becomes calm and balanced. Nature also awakens a feeling of connection and wonder inside us. Even if you’re living in the heart of a city, you can find a green space in a park to take a way each day. Whenever possible, go to a forest, the hills, or the seaside, and walk barefoot on the sand or grass. 

Read Poetry

Poetry is said to be the soul’s language, so it isn’t surprising that the spirit will respond to poetry, a path which allows us to become unstuck and step into a different world. Choose ectastic, nature, or mystical poetry to transport the mind and give the spirit healing nourishment. 

Have A Bath

Bathing is relaxing, while water itself is a conduit that allows spiritual and emotional healing. Setting intentions when taking your bath can make the experience even more powerful. Choose an intention, then light incense and candles while you lie in the water. Your body will be cleansed and so will your mind and spirit. Adding crystals, flowers, and salts to the water will only enhance its healing benefits. 

Crystal Healing Therapies

Crystals are known to be powerful spiritual healing allies as they are able to enhance the intentions that you set while encouraging subtle shifts in your field of energy. There are many different crystals, each one with its own strengths, so it’s important to learn as much as you can about the various crystals out there and their unique powers and connections. Meditate on your chosen crystal while you focus on your intention, and it will help to amplify and give support to your healing. After spiritual healing, you will want to ward off negative energies that could cause you to become physically, emotionally, or mentally unwell. You can do that by using a talisman for protection. Am amulet or talisman will guard against any evil intentions directed toward you and help to keep you feeling happy, positive, and healthy.

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