The Uses of Paranormal Research and Paranormal Items to Avoid Paranormal Attack


The Uses of Paranormal Research and Paranormal Items to Avoid Paranormal Attack

Paranormal research and investigation into paranormal events and phenomena has grown considerably in the last decade. While for many years most scientists disregarded the paranormal as figments of people’s imaginations, that attitude has changed. In fact, research into the paranormal has become an accepted branch of scientific study and has acquired respectability as more and more scientists and universities delve into this often cloudy world.

Paranormal research takes many forms. They may include, but are not limited to research into the following activities: the ability to see into the past or the ability to predict the future, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, having frequent or isolated communication with those who have died (hauntings, etc.), the ability to read or “hear’ the minds and thoughts of others and the ability to gain information that is beyond the five known senses (ESP), the power to move objects or influence people and effect objects with the mind, (PK or psychokinesis), near death experiences, past life experiences, out of body experiences, or having the experience of being “possessed” by good and evil entities or spirits. The main role of many paranormal researchers is to investigate and record such events and determine if they are genuine. Other paranormal researchers serve as consultants to law enforcement officials and government agencies. Some work in laboratories and some outside of laboratories or “in the field.” Schools and universities, such as the University of Virginia, offer classes and degrees in paranormal and parapsychological research to prepare those interested in paranormal investigation as a lifelong pursuit.

Along with the research that has taken place has come a deeper understanding of these various phenomena and how they affect the lives of many people. Paranormal items or paranormal objects are those things considered to generate, create or give off energy that is beyond scientific reason. As ESP, psycho-kinesis and ghost sighting were once thought of as beyond scientific explanation so are paranormal items thought of currently by a large portion of the scientific community. Paranormal items may include, but are not limited to: crystals, talismans, charms, wands, mustika pearls, various archaeological artifacts, pieces of jewelry, or any other item that gives off, contains or seems to generate paranormal activity.

Paranormal attack by one seeking to do harm may occur either consciously or unconsciously. The attack may be initiated by the living or spirits. Not all believe this to be a potentially serious phenomena, however, for those who have experienced paranormal attack, it is quite real indeed. The form of paranormal attack can take many forms, but most are not directly confrontational, rather, they occur from a distance. Any familiar with Voodoo, Witchcraft and dark magic or negative energy will attest that this is not only possible but occurs often enough to give credence to the idea. Avoiding paranormal attack without the aid of a paranormal tool or expert in paranormal activity can be difficult at best. Most people swear by the use of talisman to ward off outside paranormal attacks. Mustika pearls, religious items, various pieces of jewelry or clothing or any other item thought to be charged with characteristics of protection all serve as paranormal items that will help one to avoid paranormal attack.

Counter spells may also be invoked to diminish or extinguish paranormal attack directed towards an individual. Spells can be found in numerous books, articles and literature. Spells should be casted by those at least somewhat familiar with the practice and not undertaken by novices. Charms, talisman and other paranormal objects are usually the best defense against paranormal attack. You may find the mustika pearls are of great benefit if you believe that you are under attack. Most importantly, they should be used as a way to raise your spiritual mind to the point of protection from vulnerability to such activity, rather than as a means to obtain revenge or harm others. The best way to avoid paranormal attack is to ground yourself spiritually and emotionally. Thinking positive thoughts and using guided visualization will greatly aid the properties of paranormal items and paranormal objects such as mustika pearls, crystals, charms and talisman.

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