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About Us

Astral Magick

Astral Magick has combined decades of practitioner experience in the Spiritual, occult and mystical arts to bring to you a wondrous array of spiritual empowerment.

Because of the powerful nature of our artifacts we stress that the products and spells available within this site are suitable for use only by those who seriously pursue the study of magick and who intend to apply the acquired skills with responsibility. As an indication of the involvement required, all the artifacts on this site obligate the user to become involved in personal participation in a variety of meditations, rites and rituals. This is necessary not only to confer complete power but also to strengthen and nurture the spiritual elements over time.

Some of our mystical enhancements however require less maintenance than others depending on your requirements. Although all necessitate self-ritual to transfer initial powers which is usually supported by the ingesting of one or more capsules as you commence the rights.

Our catalog of magical relics and spells are accompanied by a variety of powerful jinns, familiar fairy elemental spirits, angelic khodams and genies, all of which are specially chosen to ensure your desires are acceded to. Whether you are looking for happiness, improved social standing, money, love, power or even protection, our empowerments work in conjunction with the spirit elements to meet your wishes.

When browsing our range of artifacts and spells you will be sure to find the spiritual assistance you are seeking. From magical charms to sacred statues, incense to talismans, and amulets through to magickal oils, Astral Magick brings to you one of the most diverse ranges of mystical empowerments available today. Our spiritual emporium also offers you the opportunity to restore homeostasis to your existence by way of empowerments which provide spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing, and Black Magic removal.

The majority of antiquities we bring before you are sourced from trusted practitioners located in Indonesia. These are subsequently authenticated by our own practitioners and spiritualists who are also involved in conferring powers when the transfer process is commenced. A small number of our artifacts might, particularly if they are difficult to source, be obtained outside of Indonesia, but clients are notified of this prior to purchase.

Rest assured that Astral Magick has a reputation for providing spells and relics pertaining to the spiritual world which is second to none. Currently our client list includes numerous celebrities from a range of industries whose details, like those of all customers regardless of status, remain entirely confidential.

For those wishing to expand their skills still further and devote more of their existence to magickal occult practices we are pleased to announce that we can now also offer Indonesian Kejawan Occult Training arising from Javanese life-thinking and ethics.

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