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Genie (Jinn) & Khodams

All genies and familiars are invisible spirits, and are therefore not visible to the untrained eye. However, you can learn to see them, but it takes time. They will first contact you in your dreams, and as you bond with them, your third eye will develop and you will eventually see them in the waking state.

Genies work within the laws of nature. They do not make things appear instantly out of nowhere. They will not transport you around the World physically, but can take you on astral journeys. They will bring money to you in natural ways, such as increase in business sales, salary/job promotions, winnings, gifts etc.

All our spirits are of a religious nature, and keep within spiritual law. They will never harm you in any way. The worst thing that can happen if you continuously break their restrictions is that they leave you.

No. These are all highly advanced spiritual beings, and can only enhance your spiritual development.

All our genies have been bound to a vessel, and their full cooperation gained prior to this. The genie always responds whether or not you are able to sense it.

You can begin by seeing it in your dreams. Sleep with the item placed under your pillow and ask it to show itself during your dream. As you build a relationship with it this way, you will begin to be more aware of it during the day. At first, it will be short glimpses and strong feelings, then you will start to see it as an orb of light, and finally you will see its full form.

Commanding is easy. You only have to hold its vessel, take a moment to focus, call its name three times and then make your command. Other items may give you specific phrases to recite for calling your genie. This will all be given in your Instruction Paper after you have received your purchase.

Genies do not appear physically, but in time you will see it as clearly as if it were physical.

Different religions have varied opinions on this point, so it is entirely up to you, you may wish to follow the rules of your religion. However, all our genies and khodams are religious types, summoned by advanced adepts and saints. Mohammed was known to teach Islam to the djinn as well as to humans. These religious djinn are perfectly in keeping with Islamic law.

Again this topic is very sensitive, as most people who do not have open understanding in employing a genie for personal or magickal work. There are many people who would refer to such practice as ‘harram’ or ‘shirk’. We prefer not to mention anything on site as this will only fuel more replies and end up wasting our time.

No, they are perfectly safe to keep as companions, we must point out these spirits are not to be worshipped in any shape or form. Genies we offer are spiritually developed and offer their service to humanity for nothing in return, their assistance to humanity helps them to evolve further and progress on their own paths.

Do not expect instant changes or manifestations as those depicted by genies in Hollywood movies. Your relationship with the genies will built over time and this will assist you to work better with them. They will protect you from Psychic attacks and negative spirits and will overlook your development.
Although some types of spirits can be dangerous, all the items and spirit familiars we offer are of the religious type. They are linked to the item with their permission by experienced spiritual masters, and will never harm you in any way whatsoever.

It will take time to be able to see your genie, but you can start talking to it. It will first talk to you through dreams, but you can also hear it talking to you in your mind. You just need to quieten yourself and be in a receptive state.

Yes, eventually you will be able to see it as you develop your psychic senses. Genies communicate to us on the telepathic level. If you wish to perceive your genie, one requires the clairvoyant ability or some development to awaken the etheric vision. Without this, you will not able to see the genie directly. Many have not personally ever seen a genie to manifest in physical reality during the conjuration process. It is possible for genies to manifest physically but this depends on the power of the genie itself. This can only happen when the etheric vision comes into action or when scanning on the astral dimension.

Even though you cannot see them, they are still able to hear your commands. They have been bound to a vessel, and so long as you hold that vessel, the spirit can receive and respond to your command. These spirits have been trained to work with the inexperienced, so they will be prepared to receive your commands, and have shown a willingness to help.

Magickal Talisman

We understand your concerns and realise that there are many charlatans exploiting this market to make a quick buck. Most of these sites disappear from the internet after few months or stop answering emails. Others even offer money back guarantees and are very well organised. Such scam artists are presented on the rip-off alert sites so we recommend researching into them before you buy. The only way to be safe is to use only well-established suppliers who have built a reputation. 

It is difficult for us to prove magickal items are real for only you can experience them and apply its power into your life.
Only trusted Adepts in the field of Javanese/Islamic Occults who have high esteem within their community and circle of practitioners produce the magickal items/products we distribute.
These adepts are reputable and honest men to work with; they have trained themselves in the metaphysical field. However, we still have the magical items tested not only by ourselves but also by independent psychics who verify the adept’s claims. It is only after then we will approve to offer these to our clients. 
We have strict procedures in place to protect our customers and also to protect our reputation. Competitors who have similar businesses as our own would do or say anything to ruin it. Rather than us backbiting through emails, we leave this aspect for the customers to choose. We do not need to influence our clients in a remote manner, nor do we need to state which seller is right or wrong. We certainly do not use hard selling tactics by emails that frighten clients nor do we engage in unnecessary backbiting to gain a sale. No comments are made about other specific sellers on the internet or eBay this is entirely the customers own discretion to use them or not. Our business ethics has won us our reputations and we stick by this.
Another note: The administrator of this site has personally met nearly all the adepts whom supply us. Not only has the administrator met with them, but has also spent a lot of time and regular meetings with each adept asking questions, inquiring, investigating and developing our knowledge in the field of Ilmu-Al Hikmah and the Javanese occults. We have been personally empowered directly by most and have a professional relationship with them. The administrator not only lives in the UK but also spends his 6-8 months of the year in Indonesia every year.

Yes, all our items are positively charged. However, to guarantee it will work for the end user is impossible, as there are a number of different determining factors that come to play here, such as the following.

Purification of the Psycho-Physical Unit
Development of the Will
Purity of the sub consciousness
Visualisation Skills
Concentration and focus of one’s intended goals.
We would like to point out patience is required, rushing or expecting results to manifest instantly is an illusion.
A Metaphysical university under whom we study quoted the following:
“Exercise Patience - Patience’s builds Psychic-Spiritual energy that makes positive things happen” Dr Paul Leon Masters
Most of our items hardly require much effort on the user’s part and are easy to use. Some empowerments are simple, yet others may require the user to chant mantras in order to activate or align the energies by conducting the initiation rituals provided. This will help you to correctly direct the power and install the seed power within you. Instruction papers will be provided; as soon as you receive your package and item(s) email us, and we will provide you with the instruction paper(s) for your item(s). It is important you follow the instructions, the mantras provided help build the seed power within you and this grows over time. Do not expect psychic abilities and other magickal powers to manifest instantly or do not miss out instructions described for convenience unless they are stated as ‘optional’. None of our items offer instant magickal powers. 
For those who possess some sensitivity to psychic energies, you will be able to feel the power within the objects or empowerment capsules. We would like to point out that most of our clients are actually metaphysical practitioners, who in general, get very good results and are happy with the products. Those who have high expectations that they will be transformed into super humans end up being the ones who get no results in the end. We are upfront and honest rather than beating around the bush with over exciting promises.

Yes, of course you can. Blessings from God are not limited to any race, creed or religion. Divine presence exists is all of us, even though the magickal talismans were created under a system of a particular religion or a magickal system does not make them unsuitable for others. The magickal talismans or empowerment function on the universal cosmic laws rather than religious based laws, thus no matter what religion you are bought up from these Magickal talismans or empowerments will work for you as long as you have faith in God’s power infused in these objects. With your magickal items there will be certain mantras to recite, we suggest you take your time to become familiar with these. With some items, recitation is a vital part to ensure correct use of your item(s). Not all items come with mantras these are very simple to use and work on their own accord.

Chanting the mantras or affirmations in a different religion or language other than yours does not mean you have now swapped your religious belief or converted to another religion, these mantras or affirmations are there to either activate the power or to tune into the force of the magickal empowerment or talisman its associated too. The items are governed by cosmic laws as long as you sustain humility and compassion and do not misuse or abuse, you will reap the positive effects. Chanting the mantras vibrates power and these vibrations attract beneficial forces to us. Whether the mantras are given under the Islamic or Hinduism structure the positive forces will be drawn to the user and its overall effect helps to raise the user’s personal frequency. By reciting metaphysical or magickal mantras the user tunes into certain forces some of these will be attracted to us from the psychic atmosphere stimulating our chakras and empowering us. The importance of mantras can be researched further as there are many books one can read in order to grasp a good understanding on how words of power effect our development in this area.

Well, we cannot say Yes or No, as these benefits are dependent entirely upon the user and not the object itself. Normally all our clients are practitioners and results have been positively outstanding; from their self-empowerments, communication with their khodams/genies to working with magickal empowerments. We do also get non-practitioners who have positive comments to share with us.
If you feel the item has not worked well for you, we suggest introspecting and looking into yourself since on our side, we verify our objects, items, and sources to ensure they are genuine. If the item(s) do not reach your satisfaction, the problems may lie within your sub consciousness. Sometimes, we build psychic barriers, which do not allow positive changes or experiences to flow to us. It is for the very reason why we do not guarantee the items as certain factors are out of our reach. There are a number of factors, which play an important role, and every individual is different with their level of spiritual development.

Some items we sell have restrictions and others do not. This depends on the item itself, this detail is specified in the instruction paper that will be given to you after the purchase of your item. We would advise not to conduct any sexual activity with talismans or genies items on you as a first hand rule. Try not to touch the magickal items with dirty hands or alcohol as these impurities effect the magickal items. Some respect should be given as they have been charged with divine prayers and mantras.

This depends entirely on your faith, patience, determination and attunement with the magickal items. It is no point us giving you timeframes as this matter lies in your hands. Purity of the mind and body including regular daily meditation and disciplines will accelerate your results but no time period can be given.

Most of the items we sell can be used by laymen and work automatically as most of the magickal ritual and charging process has already been done for you.

Yes, you may simply email us for this aspect. We will try to support you all the way through your process of using the magickal items.

Yes, we can help you. You can simply email us your requirements (i.e. what effects you wish the item will have and your budget) and we will try to advise you as best as possible within your range.

Generally the answer is No. All of the magickal items are working in align with the cosmic forces and therefore its positive energies maybe of different vibration but still in harmony with one another. Conflicts may occur but we have personally never experienced this even after taking many of the empowerments directly from different adepts and from magickal self-empowerments with capsules or owning and using these talismans or other magickal items.

Most of the time yes, these images are for illustration purposes only or were the images taken from the first batch we received from the producer. Any subsequent batches from the supplier may vary very slightly in size, colour or appearance; however, the item’s virtues are the same. The colour, shapes and sizes do change sometimes, however, the metaphysical essence is always the same. Do not be alarmed if the items we sent you are slightly different or the media has changed. We will only take new pictures if the item has changed dramatically.

Talismans in general radiate energy unseen to the naked eye and work on the law of “Like Attracts Like”. Magickal talismans attract certain form of energy that they are programmed for and work similarly to how batteries work to serves a particular process and requires programming/Empowering from its producer. The power within the talisman, infused by its producers, are charged positively by chanting the Divine names of God, conducting fasting intense rituals and prayers, as well as accumulating universal divine energy to channel into the talismans. Thus, if the talisman is programmed to protect its user from negative forces or black magick, it will deflect all the negative emanations or attacks and send the negative energies back to the source acting as a shield.

Our computers and cars and home appliances all radiate unseen power (Electricity) this is an unseen force (it consists of both positive and negative charges). We could also say the internet itself is unseen and our mobiles all work on unseen wavelengths.
Physicists and metaphysical practitioners tell us the world around us works by vibration and light (Process of vibrating atoms and neutrons). If we took the microwave back 100 Years ago this would be labelled as an occult device or a magickal tool. Talismans work in similar ways and running under the universal law and can be used by anyone.
On the Psychic level/understanding, talismans contain higher frequency energies than we normally interact with on the daily basis. By possessing these high positively charged frequencies, it tends to affect our Psyche and over time builds up positive psychic forces. It is these positive changes starts to reflect in your life manifesting out better outcome and you tend to attract those who are beneficial to you and your development rather those who hamper your cause. The frequency itself raises your auras frequency and further reinforces your ability to attract positive outcomes and experiences in your life. Having patience builds up positive psychic energies and lets the power of the talismans or magickal items to flow into us more efficiently again resulting in positive changes in all that we do and desire.

This topic is rather sensitive and most Sufi & other spiritual practitioners will understand the technical & metaphysical aspects and will not judge hastily.

Guru Abdul Qadir Jelani and Mohamed Chisty from India were ancient Islamic spiritualists who were held highly having been practitioners in Islamic Spiritualism/Mystics. Other well-known Islamic Mystics were Al-Ghazali and Al-Bauni who wrote many books on Islamic based Talismans and methods on invoking Genie/Khodam Intelligence. Not to mention the Prophet Mohamed (SAW) taught Islam directly to a genie and spent much of his time in meditation too.
We quote: “Mohammed frequently went to a cave in the desert three miles from Mecca, where he would spend months in prayer and meditation. One morning, the angel Gabriel appeared to him and said: "Rise, for thou art the Prophet of God. Go forth and preach in the name of thy Lord. Your God is merciful." A voice was heard - the voice of the Lord - addressed to the Prophet. It was recorded and became the text of the holy Koran. The Koran is not a literary work of Mohammed; it is a direct revelation of the Lord.
When he returned from the cave, Mohammed was filled with divine majesty. On informing his wife of the vision he had, she said, "You are faithful and never utter an untruth. Therefore, you may obey the call and follow the voice." Khadija was the first disciple to profess faith in the Prophet. She became his disciple and the first follower of Islam“
Source: http://www.katinkahesselink.net/sufi/mohammed.html
The answer to this question really comes down to ones personal evolution and understanding on how magickal items work. Attunement with the divine presence within you will direct you intuitively. We refrain from explaining further as this topic very sensitive and the knowledge we present will not be correctly appreciated by those who are not familiar with metaphysics or any types of magickal systems.

This depends on the type of talisman, and the type of entity bound to it. Many talismans have a djinn or khodam attached to them, so it is important to treat it as a living entity, not just an object. If a high-level entity is with you, obviously it does not want to watch you go to the toilet. It is just a case of respecting the entity and applying a little respect. Such restrictions do not apply to talismans that do not have a djinn or khodam attached.

Self Empowerments

The adept producers have the ability to transfer their magickal powers either remotely which works directly on the user or by media such as capsules or other media that requires the user to consume something. This is an age long method which has been used in many magickal traditions for initiating disciples and is currently employed in many mystical and occult schools through there initiation sessions.

We offer these magickal empowerments for practitioners and users who may wish to develop certain virtues/powers. The adepts who provide these have mastered the art of the magickal powers they offer.
These self-empowerment items sometimes contain powder that has been charged or talismanic paper placed in ordinary looking capsules. From time to time, the media used by the adept are changed as they see fit, the effects/virtues remain the same unless we are told otherwise.

Yes, they are. These empowerments do not contain anything harmful to the body. These methods are revered and have been used for many years. The metaphysical energies of the items instantly absorbed by the body and held in the sub-consciousness mind until it is activated by the mantras given. The tangible (physical) media passes through the body naturally as nature intends.

No, you will not develop powers instantaneously. You will possess the seed power within you, if you follow the instructions carefully and recite the relevant mantras this will further nurture and grow the seed power. The power will lay dormant within the sub-consciousness until it is fully awakened and developed. Each empowerment item we offer comes with the initiation ritual procedures and the mantra(s) to develop the powers. These exercises help to blend in the power within the user’s energy structure.

The initiation parts are important, as these empowerments vibrate at high frequency and the exercises help the user to raise their personal basic frequency up to match the vibration rates of the empowerments, this is the actual blending in process.

No time frame can be given, as this solely relies on the user’s ability to grow the power within them. It could be instant for advanced/experienced users and it may take days or even weeks for average layperson. The point here is one should not dwell on the results and hope eagerly. Go with the flow, letting the seed empower you and grow at its own pace conducting the exercises given on a routine basis. Users normally get results quickly as long as initiation and the mantra are conducted correctly.

This is one of the hardest powers to master and develop, as no empowerment offers the users instant aid to becoming psychics. So please do not purchase items on the basis that you believe as soon as you swallow the pill, you will start to communicate with spirits and conduct psychic readings instantly. Psychic practice takes time and effort and most of our empowerments will help you accelerate your psychic development. A lot of key mantras and exercises are given in these empowerments’ instruction papers to assist the users to develop psychic sensitivity.

The user should employ other methods too for psychic development certain mantras help to increase your vibration and sensitize the ‘nadis’ (Psychic nerves) these should be used together with your empowerments. We suggest the user to change or modify their diets as this is important staying away from meat as much as possible. Meditating twice a day is also required to help develop certain concentration skills in order to perceive the etheric or astral planes. Psychic energy generation is also important before meditation. As you are now aware, many factors will come into play here and this art/practice is not easy to develop.

You may purchase as many as you like, however, when it comes to preparing yourself for the empowerments you are required to take this slowly. There should be a period of around 2 weeks between each empowerment item you consume, this time allows for the blending in process to align itself correctly. Once you have completed one empowerment correctly and are familiar with the mantra and this is been practiced daily you can move on to others and start with them. We also advise to fast on a Monday and Thursday, this practice itself helps to develop psychic sensitivity and accelerate the magickal development within you.

Feedback & Support

Yes you may, our testimonials page is found here

Yes, most of our customers do. Some of these comments are shared on our testimonials page. Comments from our customers are only issued here if the customer has given us permission to publish these. Other customers share their experience, but prefer to keep it as a private matter by choice.

We always welcome suggestions and feedback of any sort. All suggestions and feedback are considered and reviewed to improve our service to you.
We also appreciate any comments or error reporting as this helps us to keep our site running efficiently.

No, we do not charge for support. You may submit as many questions as you like, submitting this through email is best. This way your questions are written down and you will have a written reply from us to refer back to whenever you want. Once you purchase an item from us, we will support you as much as you need for your development and the use of the items. We provide all our instructions in a clear and easy to read format without using complicated English terms so that everyone may follow them easily. They are straight to the point and usually given in steps for ease of use. However, if something is unclear to you, please email us for further support.

Shipping Information (Astral Magick)

Our items are shipped by Courier Service through FedEx. The packages are well packed and customs clearance forms are filled in by us. Normally, we send the package labelled as Religious Items/Talismans/Amulets/Charms or Natural Stones depending on the object. If your country does not allow such items you must notify us in advance so we can find an alternative method.

If the package is rejected we cannot refund you the shipping cost. It is vital you contact us prior to placing an order and check with your country local customs department. We cannot Ship to PO Box Addresses as the courier companies and ourselves need a proof of delivery i.e. signature for deliveries.
All our packages are sent with proof of collection; we obtain the pick-up drivers signature and confirmation. All the items are provided with a tracking number which we will pass on to you, so that you can track your package.

Yes, we do and this is up to the customer whether to take out insurance at extra cost or not. If the package is lost during transit and you have not taken out insurance we cannot be held liable, this also includes damage to the items. It is vital for the customer to take out insurance against the items. If no insurance is taken out any damage will be the customer’s responsibility. FedEx only insure the package up to £50.00. If you require insurance, please email us before you place an order.

For natural stones and fossils, no courier service provides insurance for such items so there is no point in paying extra for these, however in the instance that the fossils or natural stones (Mustika Pearls or Bezoar Stones) are damaged or lost we will not be held liable for this. We will do our best to make sure such items are packaged very well. Normally high valued items are packaged in plastic boxes within the package and this ensures the items are protected from shock and movements during transit.

Yes we can but this option is only available for those customers who have purchased from us at least 4-6 times before. If you are a new customer then we cannot ship to an alternative address if payment is made by Credit Card, this is solely to prevent fraudulent use of Credit Cards. However if you choose to pay by Bank Transfer or Western Union then yes it's not a problem we will ship to any address you provide us. For PayPal Payments, we can only ship to your verified PayPal Address. If your address on PayPal doesn't match the invoice address, we will cancel the order.

Yes all our packages are sent either by FedEx or Parcel Force courier service and packages can be tracked online, once your package has been collected by FedEx or other couriers, they will allocate us the Airway bill for online tracking. FedEx normally takes around 5-7 working days for delivery but sometimes delays can be caused depending on customs clearance on the receiving end. You will receive the tracking number as soon as the package has been picked up from us.

Yes, you may but we do not advise cutting back on shipping cost as the local delivery services are not as reliable as the courier service we use.

However if your payment is made by credit card this option is not available, but if you send us a payment by western union or even bank transfer then you may have the package sent by normal delivery service. Please contact us prior to placing your order so we may work out your total cost.

Yes, contact us via email once you have received your package and you are satisfied with it. We will send your instruction paper by email attachment as a PDF format. You will require Adobe Reader to view them. If you do not have adobe reader you may visit this link to download the software http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/ it’s free to download and install.

Generally, all our packages are sent with our return address is found on the back, this will include our Business Address, Business name, Our Telephone Number.

If you wish to have your package sent very discreetly we can remove our Telephone number, Web Address and Email address. Only Our Return Address will be shown including our Business Legal Name which does not give off the any information on the contents packages.
If you wish to have your package sent discreetly you must first notify us in advance so notes can be made. At the time of checkout you must clearly put down any instruction you would like us to carry out at the time of processing.

Shipping & Delivery

You will receive the pearl which has been magically cleansed by us, for free, and you will also receive a much more detailed psychic report by email once you have confirmed receipt of the items. The psychic reading will be emailed to you after you have confirmed receipt of the pearl.

Depending on how you made your order, once your payment is confirmed we will ship in less then 72 hours excluding weekends. Normally the pearls and stones are blessed before shipment with the specific customer in mind. While we state 72 hours, more often than not orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Payment & Refund

Yes, you can do this, but we only accept cards verified by visa and secure master card payments. This means if you posses a Visa Card or Master Card which has not been verified yet then you will need to verify the card by going through certain procedures which determines if you are the genuine credit card holder. This procedure is only completed once and you will not be asked to go through these steps again. Once visa or Master card has verified you instantly you will be given a four digit pin number which you will need next time you order through our site or any other website on the internet which has setup higher security for accepting payments.


We accept payment by Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers & Western Union. 

However Paypal has high transaction fees, these fees are non refundable to us in case you decide to cancel your order or request a Full Refund. Should this occur, we will refund you the full amount minus 10%. If your Item is custom Made, we are unable to make any refunds. Refunds only apply if you decide to cancel your order within 24 hours or less. Once we start preparing the magical items we have invested time and funds into preparation and apologise from that point onwards refunds are unable to be offered or given.

Resellers Program

Yes. Drop shipping is possible, we also have RSS feed installed on our website, you can retrieve live data products from us in real time making your life easier and allowing you to concentrate on adverting and promotions. Email Zahir Karbani for this request. We can help you setup your site, as we have designed and built our Ecommerce system. We hold full rights and can give you a license to use it.

Yes, why not. If you have a good connection to like minded people, who may well find mustikas and bezoars interesting then this may be a good venture for you. We can offer you larger discounts (depending on how many you order) which will help your business to start up quicker. We are here to assist you, email us and speak to us about this. We can assist in all parts of the business and provide you further advice while in operation.

Affiliate Program

Yes, you most certainly can, before joining we would like to see where and how you will market the product. We do not want affiliate account holders giving clients false hope or pushing false sales hype so that unhappy or deluded visitors will be passed on to us. We will have to review your site before allowing membership in our affiliate program. Once we are assured that you will not break our terms and that you have the customers best interests at heart, you will be able to create an account with us instantly. See our Affiliate Information section on mainpage.

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