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The Paranormal Investigator’s role in Paranormal Activity and Phenomena


The Paranormal Investigator’s role in Paranormal Activity and Phenomena

The existence of paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena has been debated by believers and non-believers for eons. While in the past this type of occurrence was often explained away as nothing more than the product of imagination by some scientists and those who consider themselves realists, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the large multitudes of people who have experienced paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena first hand. For years scientists shied away from the subject for fear of not being taken seriously or being ostracized by governing scientific community. However, the stigma attached to the study of paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena has drastically changed in recent years. The large majority of paranormal investigators practicing in the field are themselves scientists and devote their lives to learning about and proving the existence of this phenomena. Most governments have, at the very least, spent some time and effort investigating the possibility of paranormal existence. Many law enforcement agencies employ or have used the services of paranormal investigators, physics and mediums to help solve difficult criminal cases with a large degree of success. The fact that scientists, educators, governments and law enforcement agencies have accepted paranormal activity as something tangible and useful certainly gives credence to the idea that they do truly exist in our world.

Paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena takes many forms. They may include, but are not limited to: the ability to see into the past or the ability to predict the future, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, having frequent or isolated communication with those who have died (hauntings), the ability to read or “hear’ the minds and thoughts of others and the ability to gain information that is beyond the five known senses (ESP), the power to move objects or influence people and effect objects with the mind, (PK or psycho-kinesis), near death experiences, past life experiences, out of body experiences, or having the experience of being “possessed” by good and evil entities or spirits. The main role of many paranormal investigators is to research and record such events and determine if they are genuine. Other paranormal investigators, as mentioned, serve as consultants to law enforcement officials and government agencies. Some work in laboratories and some outside of laboratories or “in the field.” Schools and universities, such as the University of Virginia, offer classes and degrees in paranormal and parapsychological studies to prepare those interested in paranormal investigation as a lifelong pursuit.

There are currently over a dozen university research units throughout the world which are closely studying and investigating paranormal activity in addition to the University of Virginia. Some of these include: Princeton University, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Arizona and the University of Edinburgh. In nearly all regions of the world study and research into paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena is taking place. While the non-believers and doubters continue to have their say and insist that paranormal activity is but a hoax, those of that opinion are now considered the minority rather than the majority.

Many people seek to improve or create the ability to use and develop physic powers within themselves. Some use spiritual insight, meditation and mental expansion to reach these goals, others employ the use of New Age methods such as crystals, stones, rocks and mustika pearls. While these methods cannot be proved or disproved they work for a large amount of people seeking paranormal ability and aid in life. Multitudes swear by the use of these items as tools to aid the mind and spirit to advance beyond what was thought possible in the past. As developments within the field of paranormal activity and paranormal phenomena continues to evolve and expand paranormal investigators may begin more in-depth research into these areas of the paranormal.

Mustika pearls are items that are found in nature and have been used for centuries by spiritual practitioners, shaman and spiritual healers. While they have been around for very many long years, they have only recently been rediscovered by the New Age community. You may want to investigate this phenomena further by employing the use of the Manizone Web site and reading further about these paranormal items.

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