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Prayer To Say When Saging Your House

Smudging or saging your home is a great way of imparting more positive energy to your house, but you may not know how to get started with this spiritual and beneficial practice. If you’re suffering from a low mood or low levels of energy, saging your house is a fantastic solution for raising the spirits and creating a happier and healthier overall mindset for you and your family. 

As experts here at Astral Magick, we can give you our helpful tips and advice as well as an effective prayer to say when saging your house. 

Smudging – What Is It? 

Smudging is an effective way to eradicate negative and stagnant energies by using smoke produced by smudge sticks that have been lightly burned. This ancient ceremony involves the burning of sacred plants like sage so the smoke can bless and clear the space. 

When Should I Smudge My Home?

The point of smudging your home is to clear it of any lingering energies that are different from what you intend for the space. It’s often best to smudge your home 2 or 3 times annually, usually around New Year, and in the springtime after spring cleaning your home. 

You should also smudge your home whenever you feel that stagnant or lingering negative energies have accumulated in your spaces.

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How Do I Smudge My House? 

You need certain supplies to smudge your home, although no complex spiritual articles are necessary. You’ll require: 

  • A ceramic bowl in which to hold the plants and burn them. Alternatively, you can use an abalone shell to represent the element of water. 
  • Sage smudge sticks to represent the element of earth. When they are burned, the smoke that is produced represents the element of air. 
  • There are other plants you can use if you don’t like how sage smells. Palo santo, copal, or sweetgrass are good alternatives. 
  • A lighter or matches to represent the element of fire. 

You don’t need to burn a whole smudge stick, just use as little or as much as necessary. Avoid overdoing it! Burning sage with its strings helps to keep the bundle together so it won’t fall apart when it burns. 

Try to burn the bundle as it is to begin with. You may have to untie it a little, pulling it apart slightly if it’s wrapped very tightly. 

How Do I Carry Out Smudging Successfully?

There are several steps to take to ensure your saging works properly: 

  • Clear any mess and clutter from the space that you are saging. 
  • Open the curtains and the windows so the negative energies that are trapped inside the space can escape and clean air can get in.
  • Put your smudge stick into the abalone shell or ceramic bowl (or other fireproof container). 
  • Switch off your phone and other electronic devices so you can create a feeling of prayer and peacefulness. 
  • Use the matches or lighter to set fire to the smudge stick. 
  • Focus your energies and say a suitable prayer. 
  • Wave the smudge stuck gently until it starts smouldering.
  • Disperse the smoke by waving your hands. 
  • Remain connecting with your breath while focusing on positive thoughts. 
  • Smudge all four corners of each space that you wish to cleanse, since the corners tend to be the focus of accumulated stagnant energy. 
  • Open any cupboard doors in the space and smudge carefully inside. 
  • Don’t forget about spaces like your basement, garage, or laundry room.

What Is A Smudging Stick?

Smudging sticks come from Hispanic and Native American cultures. They’re used during ceremonies for blessing and cleansing places and people. Usually, these sticks are made of dried sage but they may also be made from combinations of other dried flowers and herbs like lavender, roses, thyme, and rosemary. If you’re making smudge sticks yourself, think of choosing scents that help you to feel positive and energised. 

Which Prayer To Say When Saging Your House?

You don’t have to say a sage cleansing prayer for negative energy removal. However, prayers for cleansing and protection can often make it easier to focus on being positive and having only good thoughts during the ceremony itself. 

This sage cleansing prayer for negative energy is a good choice when smudging your house:

May you have cleansed hands to create beautiful things.

May you have cleansed feet so they can take you to the places where you need to go.

May you have a cleansed heart to hear the messages that it gives with clarity.

May you have a cleansed throat to speak correctly when you need words.

May you have cleansed eyes to see the wonders and signs in the world.

May this space and this person be cleansed by this smoke from these plants. 

May this smoke carry this prayer.

Some Alternative Prayers For Cleansing And Protection

There are some alternative options if you want to say a sage cleansing prayer for negative energy removal depending on the goals you want to achieve. Here are a few suggestions: 

To invite more love into your space: 

“This space is open to love and may the energy flowing through here hold nurturance, compassion, truth, and forgiveness.”

If you’re moving to a new house: 

“I am called (say your name) and I’m moving to this space. I’d like to thank all the land spirits and stewards here and acknowledge the land’s first people. I’d like to state my intentions to create my home here and to live in reciprocity with any spirits present.”

If you need to eradicate negativity from the space: 

“I command low vibrational energies, non-benevolent beings, and any negativities in this space to depart and enter the light.” 

What If Smudging My Home Doesn’t Help?

Are you feeling a negative source of energy in your house that smudging doesn’t eradicate? Then house spiritual cleansing is the answer you’ve been seeking. There’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own home, so saying the right prayers for cleansing and protection is vital so that you can eliminate unwelcome entities and spirits from your property. 

While some people believe that only old homes can host history, memories, and energies, this isn’t actually true. In fact, even new properties can contain negative energies that cause havoc throughout your life. 

In the majority of cases, you can only successfully neutralise or remove the unpleasant impact of energies, demonic activities, and spirits, by getting professional help from the experts at Astral Magick. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, you should get in touch with us:

  • Nightmares 
  • Mood changes 
  • Heaviness in the air 
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feeling constantly afraid
  • Hearing voices or sounds 
  • Problems in relationships
  • Seeing entities, lights, or shadows
  • A feeling as if somebody is following or watching you
  • Illnesses like dizziness, headaches, nausea or stomach problems 
  • Moving objects or experiencing physical harm like scratches or bruising
  • Job loss, money problems, car issues, broken appliances, and an ongoing run of bad luck

Once you remove negative energies from your house you’ll notice numerous benefits. You should feel healthier and more energised, and you should find you sleep better. You shouldn’t experience any sounds or sightings, and you may even become wealthier and luckier. Overall, your family will feel a lot more positive and happier. 

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