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Sacred Geometry: Tree & Flower Of Life Sacred Geometry

Many people are unaware of the concept of sacred geometry, and yet they are probably aware of the various patterns that we all see in the natural world that exists around us. There are many sacred geometric shapes all around us and when we can open our eyes to see them, we can experience a powerful metaphysical and spiritual awakening

Sacred Geometry For Healing And Meditation 

Those who have studied sacred geometry patterns have learned that it’s possible to create sacred geometric shapes and to use them for raising consciousness and healing. Meditating with these symbols and using crystal grids in sacred geometry shapes can be very beneficial as they can return us to our own true essence and help us connect deeply with our inner selves while harmonising with our outer selves. 

Sacred geometry can expand and connect us on multiple levels and every shape has its own specific intention and energy vibration as well as its own feelings of energy. When used for healing or meditation, sacred geometry patterns can help you to energetically shift your being and consciousness to create rebalancing and healing. 

Some symbols and practices are specifically used for this purpose with the symbols being like a supercharged and focused intention to heal. If you create a crystal grid in a sacred geometric shape, you can then sit inside it and meditate while feeling the healing benefits. Alternatively, you can meditate whilst sitting and looking at the crystal grids and feeling their effects.

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Crystal Grids That Use Sacred Geometric Shapes 

There are numerous ways to create crystal grids in sacred geometric shapes to achieve different purposes. Some of the most common include: 

Circles – to produce feelings of security, protection, boundaries, and safety.

Squares – for grounding, practicality, and a strong foundation to build on.

Triangles – to achieve a higher consciousness and elevate your energy upward and achieve better harmony and balance.

Star of David – this shape is an extremely powerful grid which activates the Merkabah creating a high psychic and spiritual energy for protection, healing, manifestation, and connection with spiritual beings.

Crystals transmit geometric sacred codes themselves. Therefore, when you hold them or apply them to your chakras on your body, those energetic vibrations can affect your rebalancing and healing at every level. Grids on the body in particular patterns can also be used for their unifying, harmonising, and healing benefits. 

It’s even possible to think about sacred geometric shapes during your day or use them as part of a meditation with mindful movement, dancing, walking, or moving in those sacred shapes.

Mandalas And Sacred Geometry

Mandalas are designs made from shapes and symbols inside a circle. Often, a mandala will contain triangles, spirals, and circles as well as flower of life sacred geometry. The word Mandala is Sanskrit means “circle” and it’s possible to create mandalas for a range of purposes to symbolise various intentions. 

When you draw a mandala it reveals your inner workings and it is a powerful mindfulness and meditation tool that creates a feeling of inner calm and peace, reduces anxiety and stress, and more.

The Meaning Of Sacred Geometric Patterns

Sacred geometric patterns represent mystical and intangible life elements that may correlate to something deep within the universal consciousness or speak to the soul in its own language. These patterns are powerful and can help to link the spirit and body with the greater universe. 

Some of the most common include: 

Flower of life sacred geometry – this is one of the most ancient symbols in the world, believed to represent the mathematical and divine order in life. Made up of overlapping, evenly spaced circles, it is often thought to symbolise life, creation, and consciousness in a visual and divine way. 

Leonardo da Vinci was just one individual who was especially fascinated by the flower of life’s mathematical proportions and form, and the way it connects to human consciousness and the physical space around us. 

This symbol also exists at many ancient sacred sites such as the Temple of Osiris in Egypt, and in The Forbidden City in China. 

The seed of life symbol is contained within the flower of life – very apt since every flower contains seeds. Its polygon shapes may represent the female and it is sometimes thought to be a symbol of creation. These interlocking, harmonious circles have been said to represent the universe’s own blueprint, illustrating mitosis (the process of fertilising the egg and duplicating cells). 

The Hamsa – Frequently seen in Africa and the Middle East, this symbol symbolises God’s hand and is believed to bring protection and luck to anyone who wears it thanks to the eye at the centre of the hand which wards off evil.  Sometimes called the “Khamsa” this symbol is sacred to both Jewish and Islamic people, with its first use dating back to 1550-330 BCE. 

Tree of life sacred geometry – For centuries there have been sacred images of trees and they are features of many of the world’s religions including Buddhism and Judaism. The tree of life sacred geometry pattern lies at the heart of the Kabbalah tradition and it also appeared more than 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. 

Although it has fairly esoteric roots, the symbol’s spatial formation will almost certainly look familiar to you with many famous structures being made in the same shape. It is believed to represent the unity between the universe and man, and it is often understood as the map to the human psyche.

The Piscis Eye Trinity – Containing three circles, this symbol forms part of the symbol of Vesica Pisces. It is often understood to represent the different cycles of the moon – waning, full and waxing – and it was sacred in many goodness and neopagan traditions, being an ancient and powerful symbol to depict the all-seeing eye and sacred trinity. 

Metatron’s Cube – Believed to symbolise life’s creation itself, the spheres of Metatron’s cube represent the female while the straight lines which connect them represent the male, working in tandem to create one single unified whole. 

The powerful symbol also contains the five elements (or platonic solids) – earth, fire, air, aether, and water. If you meditate on this symbol, deep healing powers are believed to come your way.

Vesica Pisces – many people already know this shape from school, where it is taught as a Venn diagram. Yet, its sacred geometry meaning is very different than just analysing the differences and similarities between various things. Its overlapping circles are believed to represent duality in unity – the connections between the physical and spiritual words. 

Meanwhile, in the symbol’s centre, there is a fish (in fact, its name in direct translation from the Latin means ‘fish bladder’). Many Catholic churches all over the world still display this symbol to this day.

The Tibetan Knot – sometimes called the eternal knot, this powerful Tibetan Buddhism symbol represents wholeness, eternity, and all life’s interconnectivity. It is one of the 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism, but there are variations of the symbol seen in many other cultures, for example, the Celtic Knot.

The Unalome symbol – this symbol contains the lotus flower – a sacred image that represents the ascendance to enlightenment from our earthly struggles. It is a Buddhist symbol that represents the third eye of Shiva, while its spiralling lines symbolise the wavering path we must follow to find balance and truth.

The Icosamedron – the Icosamedron is the fifth platonic shape and represents water as well as a connection to the creative, sexual, and emotional energies. Composed of twenty equilateral triangles, this shape is linked to feminine energies and is believed to help with healing and fertility. 

Sri Yantra – with its 9 interlocking triangles, this mystical symbol is linked with Hinduism and represents both female and male energies thanks to its upward and downward facing triangles. Overall, the symbol represents the path every human being must take towards enlightenment.

The pentagram – the pentagram, or five-pointed star is an ancient symbol represents in numerous religions and cultures, although most commonly associated these days with Wiccan witchcraft and satanism. Its five points may represent the five platonic solids, the human body or the five senses.

The hexagram – with its six points, this star is sometimes called the Star of David and it has been used for sacred traditions over centuries, even dating back to the Old Testament and King Solomon. 

It symbolises the perfect meditative state in the Hindu religion, and represents magical ceremonies within occult practices. It fits in a perfect circle so it is sometimes linked with the chakra for the heart. 

Understanding The Sacred Geometric Patterns

Although we all see these sacred geometry patterns everywhere in the world around us, most people don’t notice them or realise what they may symbolise. However, with shamanic initiation you can begin to understand their meanings and how they can be used for your benefit in your life. 

You can harness the power of sacred geometry by creating a grid from your favourite crystals and taking time to reflect on what you are seeking. By arranging the crystals in your chosen shape, you then meditate before it on a regular basis, focusing on the centre of the shape and allowing the energy of the symbol to take you to a higher state of consciousness. 

We can see sacred geometry on both a micro and macro level, from the stars above us to the cells inside the human body, and in everything from music to the natural world. 

When we can understand the way in which sacred geometric patterns work, we can use them for greater purposes, since when we live in alignment with the sacred principles, we can become empowered and energetic co-creators of the reality that we experience and can remain in an ongoing state of receptivity and abundance for a more positive, fulfilled, and happy future.

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