Batu Sulaiman Rojo Brono


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Batu Sulaiman Rojo Brono

Talismanic Stone

This is a magickal stone which has been empowered by a professional adept practising Ilmu Al Hikmah (Islamic Occult). The adept has undergone strenuous rituals and days of constant chanting of divine prayers to channel in high-level Spiritual Divine energies to attract luck, wealth and prosperity.

This item is very suitable for business users or those who are seeking to increase their wealth, business success and dreams. Apart from attracting wealth this item will greatly assist one to deal and interact with people on a daily basis, to deflect negative energies from one self and negative thought forms directed by people who are jealous of you.

With the power of this item you will find your efforts are not wasted and business will prosper, you will notice that new opportunities will become easily available to you and your path of success will be easier to attain. The item will assist the user to attract luck constantly from all points and directions of the compass. People will find it easier to trust you and this is one of the biggest keys to success in businesses. If your business is failing or at the brink of bankruptcy the magickal power of this item will assist in reviving your business and stabilising its flow of income.

The virtues of this stone are presented below as given to us by the adept producer:

• Gain trust easily from your business associates
• Open the path to success
• Attracts unexpected windfalls of luck
• Increase sales and business income
• Neutralise negative energies from your aura and ward of bad luck and danger
• You will gain popularity and status of professionalism
• With this magickal power you will gain advantage over your competitors
• Neutralise negative thought forms directed to you by competitors
• Easily solve big problems and turn them into small issues
• Always become lucky in any endeavours you carry out
• Solve problems easily

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